Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Virgo Monthly Horoscope


Set your sights on success, Virgo! The Sun is in Gemini and your ambitious tenth house until June 20, and as it soars through the top of your chart, your hard work could result in an exciting career coup or public recognition. 

It’s a refreshing change of pace to be single-minded again. You’ve been on a long blue-sky streak, where your attention has expanded outward into lots of big ideas. But ultimately you feel most secure when you have a plan and a tight focus. Now you’re headed in that direction, and you’ll be staying that way for a while. 

But just because you’re getting more structured doesn’t mean you’ll lose your creative juju. Expansive Jupiter is in Gemini for the next full YEAR (from May 25, 2024, until June 9, 2025), spawning visionary ideas and helping you sculpt them into a tangible product that’s built to last. 

Thought you lost your impeccable Virgo edge? Guess again! When Jupiter flows into a 120-degree trine to transformational Pluto this June 2, you could devise an incredible, detailed plan that reminds you that you’ve still got it!

A leadership role or a new career opportunity could materialize around the June 6 Gemini new moon, which is a moment to step into your authority and grab the brass ring you’ve worked so hard toward. Ready for a change? This new moon will open up a fresh six-month professional chapter. 

Think of where you’d like to be by the end of the year. Your efforts could bear fruit between now and the December 15 Gemini full moon. Compete for an award or throw your hat in the ring for a thought leadership role. If you feel unsure of your skills, tap a mentor or coach to help you tighten up your game plan. You’re playing in the big leagues now, and Jupiter’s message here is, There’s always room to grow.

Could your image use an upgrade? The Gemini new moon will make an exact conjunction (meetup) with beautifying Venus. From new headshots to a sleek branding refresh, a glow-up is a great investment. Be sure to check references on anyone you hire. The new moon will sit at a tense 90-degree angle to tough Saturn in your seventh house of partners and agents. You want to make sure you’re getting topnotch support now. 

At the same time, don’t veer into ironfisted terrain now, Virgo. On June 11, an intense face-off between rash Mars and domineering Pluto could drive up the stress. Where’s the fire, Virgo? You could be trying to get things done at warp speed, but a controlling micromanager seems to be opposing you, demanding paperwork or nitpicky details that slow down progress. Or YOU might be the one riding the brake as someone rushes ahead recklessly. 

Today’s conflict sends you hunting for the middle ground between being foolishly optimistic and paralyzed by fear. Calculated risks are the best kind, but don’t let perfectionism stop you from pursuing a big opportunity.

Lightness and levity return on June 20, when the Sun rolls into Cancer and your social eleventh house. After three hardworking weeks, you can flap your wings and mingle! For the next month, your mantra is “the more the merrier.” Hit the industry parties and network; explore collaborations and plan fun group outings with your crew. 

The eleventh house rules technology, making this a great time to use social media to spread a message, especially one related to a social-justice cause. Step away from your workspace and engage with the wider world. Your insightful opinions and eloquence could open people’s minds!

Summer romance could also be on the agenda. On June 21, the first of a rare duo of Capricorn full moons ignites your fifth house of passion and self-expression. As la luna blazes into your love sector, an attraction could heat up to irresistible levels between now and the second Capricorn full moon on July 21. 

An attraction that’s been percolating since as far back as the January 11 Capricorn new moon could turn into the real deal. Note to any Virgos of the childbearing set: The fifth house rules fertility, and this full moon can coincide with the start or announcement of a pregnancy. 

With the full moon in your fame sector, the spotlight could come flashing your way now. Get ready to put on a talent show! But keep the drama on the stage or page, and don’t bring it into your personal life. You’ll need to watch your temper at this full moon, especially if it’s fueled by summer cocktails and long days in the sun. Strong emotions and reactions could surge up unexpectedly, or you could find yourself clashing with a demanding diva whose ego trips push you over the edge. Be extra careful about knee-jerk responses under these theatrical skies. 

On June 29, serious Saturn will slow into its annual retrograde, which could prompt you to take a big step back or return to the drawing board before making things official in a business or romantic duo. Saturn is in Pisces and your committed relationship house, and your closest ties could be stress-tested between now and November 15, when it resumes forward motion.

For some partnerships, a trial separation or long-overdue split could be looming. Can you part ways amicably? With cautious Saturn involved, the answer is a qualified yes—meaning while it IS possible, it will take discipline and dedication to pull off. During this time, you may decide to put up stronger boundaries or take some physical distance from a relationship. A business deal could get back-burnered as you recognize a need for more research and development. Saturn rules the wisdom of time, so don’t rush!

Since retrogrades can bring back the past, you may have to deal with unresolved issues from a former relationship, perhaps settling a legal dispute or issuing an overdue apology for behaving in a less-than-dignified way. If you’ve built things up on a faulty foundation, Saturn will demand a do-over. Retrace your steps and put in the proper reinforcements so you can build a lasting legacy. The silver lining: A promising partnership that stalled due to timing issues could come back around. Revisit with an open mind if you think there could still be magic left to make!

So, where is this thing going? Your mind may be on the future of your love life for the first half of the month as romantic Venus marches through Gemini and your responsible, long-term-focused tenth house until June 17, with expansive Jupiter here for the next 12 months. If you’re dating someone, you might be eager to find out what the next steps could be. And if you’re single, your radar could be searching for someone you can build a lasting future with rather than a summer fling. In a relationship? Use this period to find a mutual goal that inspires you both and revitalizes your connection. 

But fear not, Virgo: June has plenty of excitement and surprises in store. Passionate Mars is in Taurus and your outspoken, adventurous ninth house from June 9 until July 20, making it easier to air your honest feelings. Just be careful about being TOO blunt. With the red planet in this worldly part of your chart, you’re open to trying things (and people) far outside your comfort zone. A long-distance connection or sexy vacation romance could heat up. 

Mars here will put you in a “carpe diem” mindset. Like, why obsess over what your ex is doing when you could be dancing up a storm at your favorite rooftop bar or (safe-)sunning on a Greek isle? Focus on filling your life with joy-inspiring activities instead of dwelling or brooding. When the double dip of Capricorn full moons beam into your romance sector this June 21 AND July 21, a passionate connection could reach face-melting temps.

On June 17, take the pressure off even more. Vixen Venus vamps into Cancer and your outgoing, socially oriented eleventh house until July 11. This can lighten some of the angst about meeting someone new. Venus in Cancer could deepen a budding union or, if you’re part of a solid couple, help you figure out where it’s headed. 

You’ll be in more of a free-spirited mood, eager to spend time hanging out in a group or going out with other couples. Since the eleventh house is also your tech sector, with amorous Venus here, you could finally luck out on the apps or feel sparks with a friend of a friend.

Keeping it cool for the summer might be a good idea toward the end of the month. When serious Saturn turns retrograde in Pisces and your committed relationship house from June 29 to November 15, you could have second thoughts about a connection or even go your separate ways. Even if things are steady between you, work and other responsibilities could cut into quality time. Be mindful what you say yes to now.

Make some power moves! The charismatic Sun is in Gemini and your tenth house of achievement until June 21, heating up your professional arena. With clever Mercury here from July 2 to 25 and wealth-magnet Venus until July 17, your wit and charm are at an all-time high.

But the real headliner is lucky Jupiter, which is in Gemini from May 25 of this year all the way until next June 9. You have 12 full months to activate this lucky professional cycle. Get ready, Virgo:  You could experience more career growth in a year’s time than you have in a whole decade!

Jupiter only visits Gemini every 12 years, and it makes you super-motivated, able to see all the possibilities that could come when you launch an exciting project. A leadership opportunity, promotion or well-deserved recognition could bring a crowning moment this month. Not sure where to begin? Reach out to a mentor or experienced person in your field. You don’t have to figure this out all alone, Virgo!

That said, be mindful who you tag team with. Cautious Saturn is retrograde in Pisces and your seventh house of contracts and alliances from June 29 to November 15. Better to take your time committing to a partnership than to rush into the wrong one. Test your chemistry on a trial project before you take the full leap in. 

Love Days: 21, 27

Money Days: 6, 15

Luck Days: 4, 13

Off Days: 28, 10, 24

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