Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope


It’s time to celebrate again! Joy is making a comeback in your life, Aquarius, and not a moment too soon. Fun and creativity are returning to the top of your priority list. For the first three weeks of the month, the Sun is happy-dancing through Gemini and your fifth house of pleasure, play and passion. And this buoyant energy is gonna stick around for a while. With expansive Jupiter now in Gemini for the next year, you’re percolating with possibilities that can turn into amazing works of genius!

Jupiter first entered Gemini and your expressive fifth house on May 25 and will remain here until June 9, 2025. It may have felt like an immediate and welcome change from Jupiter’s 12-month cycle in Taurus (from May 2023 to May 2024) and your domestic, introspective fourth house. The past year was much more reflective and emotional than you’re used to. Dry your tears, Water Bearer! Jupiter is now cruising through fellow air sign Gemini—the high-minded altitude you prefer.

An early-summer romance could spark up before June 20, and couples will feel the urge to make fun and flirtation a priority. Hint: Getting out of the house (especially after a homebodyish May) will refresh your perspective. Slip on a head-turning outfit and book an outdoor table at that buzzy new taverna. Whether you dine solo or rally your most spontaneous sidekicks for a raucous night out, give those butterfly wings a stretch!

Speaking of butterflies, you’re due for a transformation on June 2, when alchemical Pluto in Aquarius forms a rare, 120-degree trine to Jupiter in Gemini. You might decide to reveal a never-seen side of yourself or get authentic in new ways. Is the world ready for it? Who cares! With truth-teller Jupiter in your expressive fifth house, your heart is firmly attached to your sleeve now. 

Experiment with letting your passionate, emotional side lead rather than your heady thinking self, and see what happens. You may worry that people will judge you as fragile or weak, but just watch: The opposite is likely to be true! Your courageous honesty makes you come across as powerful—a sign of leadership and strength.

If that’s too big a leap, check out the story of former news correspondent Dan Harris, author of the book 10% Happier and host of the podcast of the same name. After having a panic attack on ABC World News Tonight, set aside his skepticism and explored mindfulness and meditation. As a mentally oriented air sign, you can be naturally anxious, Aquarius. Any practice that gets you out of your head and helps you find calm is always a good idea!

The June 6 Gemini new moon can help you find outlets, which could be creative or even romantic. This once-a-year lunar lift brings a surge of artistic inspiration and possibly a sizzling attraction. Late-spring fling, anyone? Between now and the December 15 corresponding Gemini full moon, romantic chemistry could blossom into a full-fledged relationship, especially since Venus is exactly conjunct this new moon. If you’re in a relationship, make June 6 a fun date night and let your “inner child” set the playful agenda. Haven’t dated in a while? Play with some bold looks, like a new hairstyle or bright lipstick or a pop of neon in your outfit.

Whatever’s calling to you, Aquarius, start now and you could make major strides by the holidays. Just a word to the wise: watch your budget. This new moon is at odds with strict Saturn in Pisces and your money house, which could tighten the purse strings a bit. Before you splurge on all the special effects, roll out a beta version of your Big Ideas. You’re enough of a superstar without all the fancy frills. Gemini rules your fifth house of fame, and with the Sun, the new moon, Venus and Jupiter all here, the spotlight is practically hunting you down! No need to chase it with too much “pick me” energy.

As your enthusiasm is building to an exciting crescendo, make sure to move your body—literally. Whether that’s dancing into the wee hours, sweating through a hardcore workout or taking a rugged hike, high-intensity physical outlets can help you channel all the energy that’s coursing through your sphere. If you stay sedentary, it could lead to frustration, especially on June 11. That day, fiery Mars in your hypersensitive fourth house clashes with manipulative Pluto in your sign. You could misread someone’s behavior, and your ego could make a rare, fierce showing.

Don’t lose your composure, Aquarius. Get the facts first, then collect yourself. A person who comes off as domineering could simply be holding up a mirror and showing you qualities you need to be mindful of…in yourself. Reflect on that before you blow up. Start the day with some “anger management” strategies, which you may need to deploy at a moment’s notice. 

Luckily, your sensible side is about to make a return. On June 20, the Sun moves into Cancer and your orderly, wellness-focused sixth house. Hedonism will give way to healthy living, and practical matters will take top billing. This is also the summer solstice, when the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky in the northern hemisphere and appears to “stand still” for three days. Consider this an ideal moment to pause and reflect on how far you’ve come and where you’re heading next. 

The next four weeks are great for launching a summertime wellness plan, from adding more fresh produce and exercise into your world to doing a summer detox. Cancer season will also give you the urge to purge, so declutter everything from your kitchen cabinets to your closets to your office space.

Are you getting enough restorative sleep? Take a well-deserved timeout on July 21, when the Capricorn full moon illuminates your twelfth house of rest, release and escape. This could be a powerful healing day, as well as a time for closure. This realm of the zodiac rules endings and hidden agendas, and the full moon may expose a deal breaker or give you the courage to leave a painful situation. If you’ve been trying to force and control a situation (to no avail), surrender and let the universe co-pilot.

If you’re winding down a phase or a project, you might need a little time to transition. If so, good news. This year will feature not one, but a rare TWO full moons in Capricorn, spaced a month apart. Give yourself between now and July 21 to complete this project.

Have your expenses ballooned while your income has remained static? Over the summer and into the fall, the stars ask you to take a mature, clearer-eyed look at your spending, saving and earning patterns. Structured Saturn will turn retrograde from June 29 to November 15, which could send you back to the drawing board with a project or force you to tighten your budgetary belt. (Do you really “need” that, Aquarius—or is it more of a luxury than a necessity?) 

If you haven’t been as vigilant as you could be about where your money is going, Saturn retrograde urges you to get into your balance sheet. We’re not saying you have to count every single dollar you spend…but we’re not NOT saying that either. There are lots of great spending tracker apps that can make it less painless and help you get a clear idea of your expense categories and where your money is going. 

Knowledge is power, Aquarius. Maybe you’ll discover that you can trim costs in an area that’s not important to you and reallocate the funds to something that IS. You’d also be surprised by how quickly putting little amounts aside can add up. Set aside a bit to a “vacation kitty” every week, and you could have your flight ticket before you know it.

On the plus side, Saturn retrograde could help you get serious about building a nest egg or creating more security. Under this mindful, minimalist transit, you can strike a nice balance between saving for the future and living for the moment (both are equally important to you!). If a project has gotten too ambitious, you may need to scale back your ideas or roll them out in phases. Err on the conservative side and put a solid plan in place before moving forward.

Let the summer fun begin! Until June 17, love planet Venus is in Gemini and your passionate fifth house, and lucky Jupiter is now here for a full year. This is a time for fun and exploration, and you’ll be a magnet for admirers with the cosmic coquette playing Cupid in this flirty, frisky zone. For partnered Aquarians, it’s a time to bring more spirited, joyful energy into your relationship and turn up the heat. Book some dynamic date nights. During this Venus phase, the couple that plays together stays together!

That’s not to say you can’t get cozy and emotional. On June 9, lusty Mars moves into steady Taurus and your domestic quarters until July 20, which could keep you planted at Chateau Aquarius for a big chunk of the next few weeks. This phase can turn up the dial on your already tender emotions. You might also be inspired to be more upfront about your feelings. 

Mars in this placement can accelerate the timeline to move in together, get pregnant or meet each other’s families. For longtime couples, it’s a time to talk about a real estate investment, family plans or to entertain together at home. Stressful Mars can turn up the tension at home, so if you find yourself fighting and bickering more than usual, dress up and get out of the house! Cue Venus in Gemini: Here’s an incentive to get out for those fun date nights in the first half of the month.

If your bank account starts to groan under the weight of your summer tapas tabs, fear not: Venus will pivot into Cancer and your sixth house of good clean fun and healthy living on June 17. Couples may be inspired to tackle a wellness mission during this transit, which lasts until July 11. Throw together a big salad or book an activity date instead of going out for a heavy meal and drinks. Or you might bond over more quotidian activities, like hammering out a Q3 budget or organizing reams of paperwork. 

Single? Slow down instead of rushing! Linger over a post-workout juice—and chat up the person on the neighboring stool. Watch out for self-criticism, a potential pitfall of the perfectionistic sixth house. Stay busy to avoid getting mired in negativity!

The Sun is in Gemini and your fifth house of celebration until June 20 and ebullient Jupiter is here for a year. Unleash your creativity on a project that needs your trademark innovative thinking. Revel in companionship and camaraderie—it may seem counterintuitive, but bringing fun into your work actually helps you succeed in the long run. Treat your team to a meal or after-work drinks when you finish an intense project. Give your babysitter, house cleaner or dogwalker a gift with a handwritten note of appreciation, just because. Those little touches are often remembered for a lifetime.

With a pile of planets in Gemini in the first three weeks of the month, fame could come calling, too. If you haven’t put your creativity and talents out on the public stage, press “record” and share a Reel, a colorful story or some of your art with the world!

Why not set up a little studio or creation station while you’re at it? With motivator Mars in Taurus and your domestic zone from June 9 to July 20, your home could be a hotbed of business inspiration. Get to work on that cottage industry (Etsy shop, anyone?) or set up your home office for optimum productivity. If you own a home you might consider making rental income from your property on Airbnb or through a sublet.

Keep tabs on your budget when Saturn turns retrograde in your finance zone from June 29 to November 15. Trim costs where you can and keep plans and schedules manageable. Better to underpromise and overdeliver than the reverse.

Love Days: 6, 10

Money Days: 18, 27

Luck Days: 15, 24

Off Days: 8, 13, 21

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