Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope


Get out and connect, Leo. The Sun is soaring through Gemini and your eleventh house of group activity until June 20, putting you in social and collective spirits. As collaborations heat up, seek out synergies in your circle and ask mutual friends to make helpful introductions. 

This all-for-one energy is a theme that will ripple through the entire next year. Lucky Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, is in Gemini, from May 25, 2024, until June 9, 2025. Your greatest growth and luck will come through teamwork. Lions are communal creatures, so make like your astrological animal and band together. Make room in your pride for some brilliant minds and help each other rise!

While last month (and really, the last year) had a more serious, goal-focused energy, this one is more about letting possibilities unfold. Keep your eye on your big-picture mission, but don’t lead every conversation with an agenda. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on valuable input from friends, colleagues and even perfect strangers. Keep a curious, open mind—and see what that attracts!

One particular person could shine extra bright on June 2, when Jupiter forms a rare and fortuitous 120-degree trine to Pluto in Aquarius and your seventh house of partnerships. Hidden information could come to light, or you might discover a powerful way to join forces. Have you been concealing your fears and feelings? Open up to a current partner (business or romantic) and share your honest thoughts. It might take extra courage, but the truth will set you both free.

The June 6 Gemini new moon is an ideal time to network and join your superpowers with an eclectic crew. Don’t limit yourself to in-person alliances, Leo. The eleventh house rules technology, making this lunar launchpad a great day to make a digital debut or to start the digital component of a project. 

With romantic and aesthetic Venus making an exact meetup with the new moon, all kinds of possibilities abound. Single Leos could meet someone on a dating app or feel sparks fly with a friend. You could also refresh your online profiles and branding. In need of a new website or social media manager? If you’re hiring someone to help with that, make sure they have the skills and qualifications to do the job right. A tense angle between the new moon and rigorous Saturn reminds you that experience truly matters. Putting together a team or task force for a project? Once again, keep the bar high.

Midmonth, a competitive streak could run interference in an otherwise lovely relationship. On June 11, cutthroat Mars in Taurus and your ambitious tenth house clashes with domineering Pluto in Aquarius and your seventh house of partnerships. Power struggles can erupt, so watch out for being hyper-focused on your own agenda or overly confrontational. If you’re negotiating a contract, get everyone’s primary concerns out in the open. That way, your talks will feel more like a collaboration than a competition.

Your myopic “my way or the highway” view might be in sharp contrast to your usual care, concern and respect for the object of your affections. Maybe you don’t want to yield on your professional plans despite the complications those could create in your partnership. (We can’t help but think of the recent Bennifer blowup news as we write this since both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are Leos.) Solo Leos could struggle to balance the dueling demands of work and a relationship. Take a timeout if things get too heated—you don’t want to burn a bridge that you may want to cross again someday.

You’ll be glad to ease into a gentler vibe starting June 20, when the Sun downshifts into Cancer and your restful twelfth house until July 22. This is a time for closure, healing and some extra shuteye as you process the previous 12 months and prepare for a fresh start with Leo season (and your birthday!). 

June 20 is also the summer solstice, when your ruling star, the Sun, reaches its highest point in the sky for those of us in the northern hemisphere. Solstice translates as sol sistere, meaning “sun stand still.” It’s the perfect moment to take a pause and reflect on how far you’ve come and where you’re headed.

To deeply ponder it all, take a few vacation days and escape to the beach or get lost in a creative project. During Cancer season, your flowy and receptive side is dialed up to its highest setting. Reach out for support if you’re going through a tough time or struggling to finish a difficult project. Lean in to teamwork and a “one for all, all for one” attitude as a saving grace. It’s NOT noble to suffer and sacrifice, especially not alone!

Your wellness is in the spotlight on June 21, when the first of a rare pair of Capricorn full moons illuminates your sixth house of health, organization and service. Making time for exercise, healthy eating and ample rest is mandatory, not optional. Between now and the second Capricorn full moon on July 21, get back in the groove. Movement, fresh air and sunshine are the breakfast of Leo champions—you always feel best with this trifecta. After all, the Sun is your ruler! If you’ve been dealing with a nagging but undiagnosed condition, this day could bring some answers (and hopefully a remedy). 

Warning: Stress you’ve been tamping down could reach a boiling point at the full moon. Do you need to delegate? The sixth house rules helpful people, so look at what you can outsource instead of doing it all yourself. Remember that “no” is a complete sentence and use it liberally as June comes to a close. That way, you can say yes to the things that resonate with your soul. Sometimes, Leo, less really is more.

You might take a big step back from an intense situation starting June 29, when Saturn commences its annual retrograde backspin until November 15. While the planet of maturity and tough lessons reverses through Pisces and your intimate eighth house, you may decide to put a relationship on ice or tap the brakes on a fast-moving business collaboration. 

Serious Saturn can push you to get real with your finances. You could consolidate debt, pay those back taxes or dive into the fundamentals of investing. Learn how to make your money work harder for you, perhaps through passive income or affiliate partnerships. Heads up: With Saturn in slower retrograde motion, you’ll need to be doubly cautious about the risks you take. Back far away from anything risky that sounds too good to be true. You’ll have your time to be wild and free again. For now, do your research and make slow, deliberate moves.

Keep it casual or focus on the future? You’re pulled in both directions this month. Flirtatious Venus is in Gemini and your eleventh house of friendship until June 17, stirring up some restless energy. With expansive Jupiter also in Gemini, you’re feeling even lighter and more playful. Sparks could fly with someone you never thought about “like that” or with a person you meet online. But you might not be in the mood for any heavy-duty romance during this more emotionally detached cycle. For couples, it’s a great time to hang out with your individual friends or in a group setting.

On June 9, Mars zooms into Taurus and your future-directed tenth house until July 20. You might surprise yourself AND a new love interest by diving in with the “So, where is this going?” question. This cycle will temper some of the nomadic energy of Venus and Jupiter in Gemini. For partnered Leos, love can feel heavy and serious and, at times, most focused on long-range plans than enjoying the moment. All Leos may become consumed by work, or, if you’re single, you might feel some chemistry with a coworker. Watch your step with that, though. If you like the idea of being part of a power couple, start frequenting more upscale places, which totally befits your regal sign!

On June 17, amorous Venus floats into Cancer and your dreamy twelfth house until July 11. Your visions of romance may border on fantasy (sweet!), but they’ll also be tinged with delusion and confusion (oops!). Pinch yourself and try to keep it real, Leo. There could be high stakes attached to something you’re considering, and you definitely want to be “of sound mind” when you make your decision. If you find yourself pining for a past love, conjure the most difficult and painful chapters as well as the happy times. It’ll be a little too easy for you to view things through rose-colored lenses this month. 

Pace yourself, especially once the Sun slips into Cancer for a month on June 20. Silver lining? Leo season will follow on July 22, and Venus will move into Leo on July 11. Take a moment to restore before you roar. You’ll have peak summer ahead, so no need to rush!

Teamwork makes the dream work! Until June 20, the Sun is in Gemini and your eleventh house of collaboration, putting a group endeavor in the spotlight. With lucky Jupiter here until June 2025, joining forces IS the way forward.

Rally your colleagues around a shared vision. When you put your brilliant minds together, there’s no stopping you! Take a chance on a highly original idea or one that supports a world-bettering cause. It’s an excellent time for networking, and you could have a full dance card of industry events and parties. Technology falls under the eleventh house domain. Refresh your social profiles, pound out a viral post and spread your message through digital channels.

From June 9 to July 20, intensifying Mars picks up the pace, putting demanding assignments or work-related stress on your plate. As the red planet blazes through Taurus and your career zone, summer begins to present opportunities to make a big leap upward. The silver lining? Doing your job well could earn you recognition and position you for a promotion. An exciting opportunity could arrive, and with go-getter Mars in command, you’ll need to pounce while it’s hot. Working with a coach or mentor could also position you for a big upward move.

Get your administrative affairs in order at the Capricorn full moon on June 21, which spotlights your sixth house of organization and employees. Take a big-picture view of your life and evaluate how you manage your time, money and energy. Where could you be more efficient? Your Leo superpowers are mighty, but if you’re DIY-ing too many projects, find ways to delegate and outsource. Between now and the bonus Capricorn full moon a month later (on July 21), you could tighten up your operation and set yourself up to win.

Love Days: 19, 24

Money Days: 4, 13

Luck Days: 28, 10

Off Days: 8, 21, 27

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