Aries Monthly Horoscope

Aries Monthly Horoscope


Get out and circulate, Aries. After a long and industrious spell that began in May 2023, freedom from the grind awaits you. You’ve got planetary permission (orders, even) to break from your bootstrapping efforts and commune with your crew! 

With the Sun flitting through Gemini and your third house of kindred spirits until June 20, the spotlight is on local events, dynamic duos and unfiltered self-expression. It’s all about “who you know” this month. Get some quality time with friends on the books. Hit a festival, conference or meetup—and watch the synergies spark! 

Feeling a little nervous stepping away from your duties? Let us make this easier, Ram. For the first time since 2013, lucky Jupiter is in Gemini, bringing its magic touch to your communicative and collaborative third house. On May 25, the red-spotted supersizer left Taurus and your hardworking second house to begin a voyage through Gemini that will last until June 9, 2025. 

You’ll blossom the most by cultivating relationships and ideas, not plowing through piles of work like you’ve had to for the past year. Caveat: Your ruling planet, Mars, is still in Aries until June 9, so it might take a minute until you can really let go and stop putting fires out at work. But relief is in sight!

On June 2, Jupiter will make a rare and fortuitous 120-degree trine to powerhouse Pluto, which is in Aquarius and your eleventh house of networking, technology and teamwork. An exciting alliance could not only stoke your inspiration but could also garner more attention for your ideas, perhaps with an AI-powered assist. (You, too, can have your own chatbot…everybody’s doing it!) 

If you’re teaming up with someone on a creative project, the Jupiter-Pluto trine does sound a gentle reminder to safeguard your intellectual property. Before you share your world-changing concept over drinks “among friends” in a burst of excitement, an NDA could be in order. Jupiter and Pluto only meet like this every few years; they last connected in 2016, when they made three trines in earth signs. Look back to that year to see if you experienced a powerful money or business boost.

Eager to move from talk to action? The June 6 Gemini new moon is an especially good day to get an important conversation started. Got a project to pitch—or an idea for a book, blog or media project? This new moon sets the stage for finding helpful people and outlets to develop your concepts. 

A meeting of the minds near this date could grow into a much bigger undertaking between now and the Gemini full moon on December 15. Looking for a new neighborhood or city to call home? Start your search at the Gemini new moon. Plan short getaways and road trips this summer. Book an Airbnb in an area that’s piqued your curiosity so you can try before you buy (or rent). There’s no better way to test if this place is a true fit than by experiencing a few “days in the life” there.

The third house rules messaging and branding. Could your image use some polish or a sleek and sophisticated update? This new moon will make an exact conjunction (meetup) to aesthetic Venus and a tense square to mature Saturn, a great time to elevate. If you’re still using headshots or graphics from 2014, it might be time to invest in something that reflects the wiser, worldlier person you’ve become.

 If you own a business, the new moon—and really, all of Gemini season—is great for a style refresh. Even if you don’t, we live in an interactive world. Make sure your public profiles are current and truly show off 2024 Aries! Got something exciting to share with the world? Make use of all your platforms and networks and go viral with it!

As romantic Venus and the new moon intertwine, sparks could fly with a friend. But should you act on the flirtation? Cautious Saturn urges restraint, especially if one or both of you is currently committed. If you’re exiting a relationship or business alliance, this could be the day to have a powerful conversation and part as friends.

Do it now because on June 11, your ruling planet, Mars, in your stabilizing second house will get into a scuffle with Pluto in your eleventh house of social ties. This clash could stir up contention with a colleague or friend. You’ve clashed but then mended many a rift in your circle, but today, remind yourself not everyone shares your values, and if you try to enforce them, you’ll only get pushback. 

With Mars in your money zone, you’ll need to keep your cash flow in check as well. Friends might try to talk you into a summer weekend rental you can’t afford, or you might blow the budget trying to keep up appearances. Don’t let a competitive streak drive your spending. In group projects, stubbornness could halt progress. Stay alert to power struggles and do your best not to engage. Diffuse the drama by stating the facts plainly and focusing on shared goals. Once everyone is on board, your crew can move mountains.

The scene gets cozy starting June 20, when the Sun slides into comfort-loving Cancer and your domestic fourth house for its annual monthlong visit. Solstice circle or backyard barbecue, anyone? If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, Cancer season invites you to nest and rest, taking a break from your buzzing social calendar to touch down at home base. Hang out with nurturing friends and family and carve out space to get creative.

Once again, don’t go totally offline just yet though. On June 21, a midyear power move could be in order when the Capricorn full moon—the first of a rare, back-to-back duo—illuminates your ambitious tenth house. This could bring a crowning career moment or a change in your professional path. 

Look back to those New Year’s resolutions today because this could be their moment to manifest. Are you no longer resonating with the goals that captured your fancy earlier this year? This is an ideal moment to shift gears and head in a different direction. Even if you ARE still feeling pumped about your plans, an updated strategy session at the full moon could yield some brilliant new ideas. Give yourself a month to experiment and lock in a master plan at the second Capricorn full moon on July 21. 

Then…hang the hammocks and unfold the poolside loungers! On June 29, structured Saturn turns retrograde in Pisces and your UNstructured twelfth house. During this annual five-month backspin, which will last until November 15, you may long to be free from anything too defining or confining. 

Feeling adrift from your creative expression? Saturn retrograde unleashes a desire for more meaningful work and impactful contributions. Have you been quietly struggling with an emotional or mental challenge? Given the stress of today’s world, it wouldn’t be a surprise. Saturn retrograde in this subconscious sector could push you to get the professional support you need, whether that’s to break a childhood pattern or free yourself from an addiction. This cycle could bring a period of sober self-reflection and deep inner transformation if you’re willing to do the work. A therapist or expertly trained healer can help you through the process. 

Note: With tenacious Saturn retrograde, you may be tempted to resist the deeper lesson, pointing the finger of blame or projecting your own problems onto other people. Careful not to shirk responsibility or you could miss an important breakthrough. Remove the blame, shame and judgment and focus on a vision of where you’d like to be. We all need to ask for help or admit we don’t have all the answers sometimes. It’s okay to be human, Aries! 

Hello, sensual summer days! The first week of June has you feeling the heat as your ruler, lusty Mars, makes its biennial blaze through Aries. From June 9 until July 20, Mars shifts into Taurus and your luxurious, decadent second house. After a sexy and free-spirited romp through Aries, Mars now makes you crave affection and a little more security. Indulging in a few earthly pleasures (new clothes, a long-overdue hair appointment) will get you more in the mood for sexy company—whether with a new person or your current amour. 

With motivator Mars in your money sector (the second house rules cash), the policy “no romance without finance” might ring true. You may also need to invest in your love life to keep things happy and healthy. Pamper yourself and your partner or would-be ones. 

Framed that way, a little retail therapy or extravagant treat can be a romantic insurance policy, Aries. Instead of getting mired in a pointless conflict for teary-eyed hours, just go order the chef’s tasting menu at that new locally sourced restaurant. Bring back the love over fig leaf negronis and hand-foraged mushrooms that taste like a fine cut of meat. 

Bonus incentive: Love planet Venus is in playful Gemini until June 17, softening your third house of communication. You’ll find it easy to slip into compassionate conversation once you take a little pressure off yourself. When all else fails, slow down and come back to the moment! With curious Jupiter also in Gemini, you’re craving great conversation, and no topic is off-limits now.

On June 17, Venus enters heart-centered Cancer and your emotional fourth house until July 11. All kinds of strong feelings will be let out of the genie’s bottle. Suddenly, you may prefer deep bonding to intellectual conversations or lighthearted small talk or sexy flirtation. If you’re solidly attached, Venus in Cancer could inspire you to exchange keys, talk babies or take an even bigger step toward permanence, especially once the Sun moves into Cancer for a month on June 20. 

While it might be hard to tear yourself away from home base, you could meet someone at a backyard barbecue or at a party YOU host. Or, with Jupiter in your third house of neighborhoods, how about splitting the difference and making it a block party? You could end up with one of those sweet romcom stories (“who knew we lived right down the street from each other all this time…”). Awwww!

As the Sun soars through Gemini and your communicative third house until June 20, your gift of gab is where the money’s at. And turns out, you’ve got a lot to say. Outspoken Jupiter is in Gemini for the next 12 months, a rare cycle that began on May 25. Craft those pitches, set up meetings and prospect away! 

Summer 2024 is filled with opportunities to connect to key decision makers and get a dream project green-lit. A rare double-header of Capricorn full moons, on June 21 and July 21, will illuminate your tenth house of success. Hello, peak professional moment! One chapter of your career could also close to make way for a new one since full moons can bring turning points. 

Until June 9, go-getter Mars is in Aries, giving you lots of energy to pursue fresh starts. From June 9 to July 20, Mars will visit Taurus and your second house of money. You’ll be motivated to rev up your revenue and explore lucrative new ventures with your pioneering Aries spirit. Enjoy the boost of confidence and start sharing your ideas! A kindred-spirit type could turn out to be the perfect collaborator. Explore how your styles complement each other. There could be a moneymaking opportunity for you both.

Love Days: 10, 15

Money Days: 4, 21

Luck Days: 28, 19

Off Days: 13, 18, 27

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