NFL schedule release 2024: Here are the best team schedule release videos in recent memory

NFL schedule release 2024: Here are the best team schedule release videos in recent memory

We are not even a month removed from the NFL Draft, yet already fans are clamoring, foaming at the mouth for more content. We need more information about the upcoming season. We’ve got our mouths to the faucet, begging for a drop of something, anything our favorite teams can offer up. Luckily, we won’t have to wait much longer.

Recently, the NFL posted a video telling fans that the official 2024 schedule would be releasing in May. While the schedule usually gets released around this time every year, it was still comforting to know that that information would be coming soon.

You know what this means? Each team will soon release their 2024 schedule release video. Not every video is going to be great (looking at you Arizona Cardinals social media team), but these videos are often super creative and get fans in a tremendous mood for the season.

Here are some of the best from recent years.

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2022/23 Los Angeles Chargers

Starting off with arguably the most viral schedule release video on this list, the Chargers offered anime-style reveal and it was so nice, they did it twice. Hidden throughout these animations are numerous digs and jokes at the other teams’ expense that you can’t help but smile and enjoy.



2023 Tennessee Titans

Why not let the people reveal the schedule? The Titans’ social media team took to the streets to have folks on Broadway reveal the schedule. They just did so very poorly.

2023 Detroit Lions

The rise of AI is upon us! The Detroit Lions had a few of their coaches reveal the schedule…or at least a version of their coaches.

2022 Detroit Lions

That wasn’t the first incredible schedule release for the Lions though. Just a year earlier, the Lions turned to viral self-defense sensation, Dale Brown to help reveal their schedule.

2021 Atlanta Falcons

This one is a little bit of a cop out since the Falcons needed third-party help, but it’s hard to beat Gridiron Heights in its prime.

2021 New England Patriots

The Patriots may be known for their anti-fun football culture, but this home shopping network parody was fantastic.

2021 Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are known for their fun, wacky social media team. In 2021, the team decided to destroy a physical representation of every team they were set to face off with.

2021 Kansas City Chiefs

Short, simple, sweet, superb. The Kansas City Chiefs revealed their schedule in 2021 with several near-identical quotes from head coach Andy Reid.

2020 San Francisco 49ers

There may be some bias on my end, but WestWorld is a fantastic show, and the 49ers were able to replicate the show’s iconic opening in their 2020 schedule reveal.

2020 Carolina Panthers

So many teams have tried to imitate this video right here, but nothing beats the original. The casual “day in the life” feel combined with the schedule being incorporated into the world. It’s just very aesthetically pleasing.

2019 Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars were not afraid to take shots at each of their opponents in this infomercial parody. Several teams have tried to capture the magic of this video with their own since, but none have been able to recreate the effect this one had.

2019 Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers definitely cheated a bit in this 2019 schedule release with some of the games featured being Madden. Still, this was a very solid reveal.

2019 Atlanta Falcons

Before Game of Thrones became the most-hated show in history, it was one of the greatest and most-beloved. The Atlanta Falcons mimicked the show’s iconic entrance with their 2019 schedule release.

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