New Lions Uniform Ranks Low in USA Today Poll

New Lions Uniform Ranks Low in USA Today Poll

The Detroit Lions new NFL uniform has mostly been viewed as a hit with supporters.

After its release, players and fans expressed how the modern look complements the team’s older classic look from the past.

In a recent poll of NFL uniforms, USA Today did not place Detroit’s in the top half, indicating slight disappointment in the team’s new blue helmet.

“It’s nice to see a team owned by the Ford family continue to weave the Mustang motif into its uniforms with this year’s new striping pattern,” writes Nate Davis. “The blue collar featured in all the jerseys is also a nifty way to honor the hard-working folks of Motown. But slick as the new alternate blue helmet is, not as sweet as the one used last season with the creeping lion logo – which, sadly, is no longer in the closet.”

After conducting focus groups, the team was able to put the finishing touches on a uniform set that is believed to represent the team and the fans the best.

“When we look at the logo, to me, it’s in the best place it’s been in the history of the team,” chief communication and brand officer Brian Facchini said, via the Detroit News. “Bubbles (nickname for Detroit’s previous, more-rounded logo) has some nostalgia, the black was interesting, but we’re at a point where this is so clean and so good. We’re not touching that.”

Alim McNeill expressed excitement when “Detroit” was written on the chest of the white uniform he donned at the reveal event.

“It’s like Detroit vs. Everybody. It’s like us taking that on the road now,” said McNeill.

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