What mattresses do the best hotels use?

What mattresses do the best hotels use?

If you like to travel in luxury, you probably notice when the hotel bed is extra comfy. Many hotels reward their guests with high-quality mattresses that may be a step or two above what you’re used to, so don’t be surprised if you get home and immediately start thinking about upgrading your mattress.

Unless you remembered to ask an employee for details on your most recent hotel mattress sleep, you might not be sure where to look to buy one of your own. Take the guesswork out of your mattress buying experience and let us give you a hand with this look at the top-quality mattresses used by your favorite hotels.

What mattresses do the best hotels use?

Many popular hotel chains like Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott hotels have their own mattresses available for purchase. Due to the high quality and materials used in these innerspring, foam, and hybrid mattresses, prices can be steeper than what you’d find elsewhere. 

Let’s break down the comfortable and inviting mattresses that the best hotels use — and take a look at some affordable alternatives that can give you the best sleep you’ll ever have from the comfort of your own bedroom. 

The best hotel mattresses — and cheap alternatives we love

Wondering where hotels get their luxury mattresses, bedding, pillows and other sleep essentials? Read more about specific hotel mattresses and find the perfect equivalent for your own bedroom below.

All prices listed do not include box spring add-ons and are for queen size mattresses, but all options are available in sizes ranging from twin to King or California king. Some hotels sell mattress and box spring combos for a higher price.

Four Seasons hotels

Since 2014, Four Seasons hotels have taken the hospitality industry to a new level by offering their specific mattress design for home purchase in three variations: signature, signature firm or signature plush. Their hybrid mattresses feature pocketed coils for motion isolation and layers of foam for added comfort — more if you invest in a plush mattress and less if you go with a firm one. Shop the signature Four Seasons mattress at prices starting at $3,400.

Need a cheaper alternative? The Helix midnight luxe, one of the best hybrid mattresses available today, has a similar balance between plushness and firmness to the Four Seasons signature mattress. This mattress is currently marked down 20% from the original price of $2,373.

Marriott hotels

Most Marriott hotels offer guests a nine-inch tall foam mattress that offers a medium plush feel, perfect for a cozy sleep no matter your sleep position. There is also a slightly taller (13 inches) hybrid innerspring model for sleepers interested in a slightly firmer mattress. Shop both the foam and innerspring mattress at Marriott’s online mattress shop, which currently offers a 20% discount on all mattresses. You can get a queen size for $1,596.

As an affordable alternative, we recommend the Nectar premier mattress. This 13-inch memory foam mattress offers more than five inches of supportive foam layers and peak cooling technology, ideal for side sleepers or those who run hot throughout the night. Similar to the Marriott hotel mattress, you can choose between the base memory foam mattress or a hybrid version for a slight price increase. All Nectar mattresses are currently 40% off.

Hilton hotels

The custom-designed hotel mattresses used by Hilton comes with top-notch support thanks to a strong base layer of pocketed coils. Hilton’s luxury innerspring mattress also boasts reinforced edge support and maximum motion isolation to keep everyone safe and undisturbed while sleeping. Available via the Hilton to Home online shop, this hotel mattress is available in a queen size for $1,645.

Want something more budget-friendly for your bedroom? Check out the Signature Design by Ashley’s eight-inch medium-firm innerspring mattress. One of the highest rated mattresses you can buy without breaking the bank, this supporting mattress offers maximum pressure relief to sleepers looking for something to rival Hilton’s hotel mattress. Available for just $240 (more than 30% below the list price of $352), this is a steal for shoppers searching for great deals on a new mattress.

Hyatt hotels

Hyatt hotels pamper their guests with a luxury firm mattress that excels at supportive comfort thanks to temperature controlling foam layers and a motion isolating base of pocketed coils. Pulled straight from the Black Napa mattress brand, this firm hotel mattress in a queen size can be found through the Beautyrest guest purchase program for $1,989 (currently marked down a whopping 50% from the list price of $3,978).

If you want something just as luxurious but at half the price, we recommend the Saatva classic luxury firm mattress. Touted by Saatva as America’s best-selling online luxury innerspring mattress, this luxurious mattress is as responsive and durable as it is plush and comfortable. At $1,795 (a $300 markdown from the list price of $2,095), this luxury firm mattress is worth the small price difference when compared to the Hyatt’s hotel mattress in our opinion — and we know Saatva mattresses.

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