What are the Odds of the Rockets Having Two Lottery Picks in 2024 NBA Draft?

What are the Odds of the Rockets Having Two Lottery Picks in 2024 NBA Draft?

When the 2024 NBA Draft takes place in late June, the Houston Rockets are slated to have at least one first-round pick. The Brooklyn Nets’ first rounder is owned by Houston from the James Harden trade in 2021. That selection has the ninth-best odds in the NBA Draft Lottery, which will determine the final draft order on May 12.

The Rockets don’t have the rights to their own first-round pick, as that was dealt to the Oklahoma City Thunder as part of the Russell Westbrook for Chris Paul swap in 2019. With that in mind, Houston put a top-four protection on the 2024 first-round pick that was included in that deal, meaning there’s still a chance the Rockets keep that selection.

Even then, it’s a very small chance.

In fact, there’s just a 7.1% chance of the Rockets’ own pick landing in the top four based on lottery odds, as Houston finished No. 12 in the reverse standings this season. Assuming that pick doesn’t jump into the top four, it will officially convey to Oklahoma City. But if it does land in the top four, the Rockets will have two lottery picks in the 2024 NBA Draft.

Regardless of what happens, the Rockets are in a great spot. Not only did they win 41 games this season, which was the largest jump of any team in the league year-over-year, but they will also have at least one pick in the lottery — likely in the top 10 via the Nets.

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