Was a top-secret US naval submarine spotted on Google Maps? What is Manta Ray and why is it significant?

Was a top-secret US naval submarine spotted on Google Maps? What is Manta Ray and why is it significant?

Internet users were baffled after they spotted a US naval submarine drone called the ‘Manta Ray’ on Google Maps. This prototype submarine was docked at Port Hueneme naval base in California. This image was then replaced with a normal ship. Many internet users questioned the ‘security lapse’ and wondered if this was a deliberate plan or a negligent act. The submarine has been undergoing sea trials in the last few months. This has yet again re-ignited the submarine race between the US, China and Russia. The three countries have been competing and inducting submarine drones in the recent times.

Manta Ray:

This is a submarine drone that is capable of staying undersea for a long period of time. It is attached with sensors that can detect threats under the sea. It is capable of hibernating under the sea without refueling for a long period of time. It uses buoyancy to glide through the water both under sea and above the sea. This submarine has been designed in such a way that it can be dismantled and transported in standard shipping containers before it is re-assembled and deployed. It has been designed to take several payloads of different sizes. It will enable a wider deployment in various missions.

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This submarine drone has been designed by Northrop Grumman as part of the US Navy’s plans to construct long range under water weapons. The navy has been undertaking various tests over a period of three months to fasten the induction process. It is yet to be inducted and pressed into service.

Submarine race:

In recent times both China and Russia have been acquiring and constructing submarine drones. Russia has been developing its own underwater drones and had announced its decision to acquire at least three dozen vehicles.Also Read: Shifty Shellshock death: What is the reason behind ‘Crazy Town’ lead singer’s demise?


What is the strength of Russia’s undersea drone?
This information has not been verified. However, Russia has claimed that its submarine has a range of 6200 miles, can be armed with nuclear arsenal and can achieve a speed of about 115 mph.

What are the potential uses of Manta Ray?
Social media users pointed out that this can be deployed in the Ukraine war. Recently, Ukraine has managed to attack Russia’s Black Sea naval fleet. These are just rumors at this stage.

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