USA Basketball Junior National Team April Minicamp: Day 2 Top Performers

USA Basketball Junior National Team April Minicamp: Day 2 Top Performers

Phoenix, Arizona – USA Basketball invited 66 of the top high school basketball prospects in the United States for the USA Basketball Junior National Team April Minicamp. This minicamp annually takes place around the Final Four and is part of the selection process for the final junior national teams (u16 and u17) that will represent the United States in FIBA Tournaments this summer.

On3 was one of the select media personnel credentialed for the closed practice session. Here are the top performers from Day 2 of the USA Basketball Junior National Team April Minicamp.

On3 MVP: Five-Star Plus+ PG Brandon McCoy (2026)

Today his team put the ball in his hands, and Brandon McCoy shined. The 6-foot-5 lead guard showcased a slick handle and excellent passing chops. McCoy, who made the u16 USA Basketball team last summer, found open players off a live dribble from multiple levels of the court. McCoy’s jump shot was working well, especially off the bounce. He executed his mid-range pull-up, knocking it down multiple times. McCoy comfortably and confidently played the role of No. 1 player in the country. 

2. 4-star SG Hudson Greer (2025)

This has been an impressive showing to this point for Hudson Greer. He has played very confidently and taken over the role of go-to scorer for his camp team.  Greer showed off his athleticism, finishing multiple dunks in transition. He was an opportune off-ball cutter finding efficient buckets in the half-court. He still needs to work on his release from three, but when he steps into his shots off the bounce his form is repeatable. 

3. 4-star PF Davion Adkins (2026)

One of the more surprising players through the first two days, Davion Adkins’ flashes were as impressive as any player in the camp. Listed at 6-foot-8, the forward is incredibly explosive and his athleticism found a lot of production. He has good timing on defense and had multiple blocks and deflections. And he was comfortable playing out of the dunker spot around the basket. 

4. 4-star C Xavion Staton (2025)

Xavion Staton is the best shot blocker in the camp, and it is not really close. The 6-foot-11 center is a late bloomer, but he continues to showcase his natural timing and quick pop around the rim. He played with an excellent motor, running from rim to rim and finding some easy buckets by simply beating his man down the floor. Staton is still raw as a prospect and will need to continue adding strength

5. 4-star PF Chris Cenac (2025) 

Chris Cenac’s activity level at USA Basketball continues to impress. The 6-foot-10 forward defended multiple positions, sliding his feet with a perimeter-based forward and switching down to the block to protect the rim. He also seemingly grabbed available rebounds, on both ends of the floor. Cenac has good touch and he plays well out of the dunker spot. There is a high upside here and he is on a clear upward trajectory.

6. 4-star PG DeRon Rippey (2026) 

DeRon Rippey is a quick-on-quick guard with a natural burst. He guarded the ball very well, turning the ball handler early, and showing quick feet and active hands. He is explosive on the ball, finishing multiple dunks off blow-bys in the half-court. Rippey will need to continue working on his jump shot, becoming a perimeter threat off the bounce. His ability to put pressure at the point of attack on both ends, stood out today. 

7. 4-star SG Trey McKenney (2025)

Trey McKenney has a physical frame with a developing handle that allows him to prove in the half-court. The 6-foot-3 guard is coming of a state championship with his Orchard Lake (MI) St. Mary’s High team. Today McKenney showed well in the half-court and found his mid-range shot where he comfortably elevated. He also defended the ball with a purpose, sliding his feet well. 

8. 4-star PG Aaron Rowe (Missouri)

Aaron Rowe has a quick handle and he was able to get to his spots in the half-court. He created space well, putting him in dangerous areas of the court with the live dribble. Where he impressed most today was in the pick-and-roll. He worked his way through traffic well, navigated pressure, and delivered passes from various angles on target. He ran the show. 

9. 4-star F Sadiq White (2025) 

Sadiq White is a top-tier type of athlete, even by USA Basketball standards, and the 6-foot-7 forward uses that explosive burst to find production on both ends. He ran the floor well in transition, filling the lanes with a purpose and finishing above the rim at all chances. White will need to polish his offensive game, both his shooting touch and ball handling. His defensive upside is intriguing is very intriguing.

10. SF Malachi Booker (2027)

This was the second consecutive practice that freshman Malachi Booker’s flashes popped. The 6-foot-6 wing showed a smooth shooting stroke with confidence and repeatability from multiple levels. Booker has a good frame, he is also a football defensive end getting Division 1 looks, with long arms. At this stage, he is a fluid athlete and moves the ball well along the perimeter. Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see how his body develops as a defensive lineman, however, in this setting, he strung together quite a few impressive basketball plays.

Other USA Basketball Top Performers 

4-star PF Niko Bundalo (2025) continued to make winning-type plays on both ends of the floor. He stood out with his area rebounding. He pushed the break on multiple occasions showing control and processing. The 6-foot-10 forward can knock down perimeter shots and he has good feel.

4-star SG Shelton Henderson (2025) is a jack-of-all-trades type of player. He has a strong frame with good processing ability with the ball in his hands. He will need to polish the jump shot, but he has excellent intangibles.

4-star PG Nyk Lewis (2025) is a tough-minded lead guard, taking pride in the dirty work. He is a strong defender, with quick hands and feet, and a good rebounder for a point guard. Lewis touched the paint regularly today.

4-star SG JJ Andrews (2025) has a strong build at 6-foot-6. The Little Rock Christian (AR) guard defends at a high level. Also showed shot-blocking ability and a rebounding presence.

4-star PF Jaden Toombs (2025) has a strong, albeit slimmed down, frame. His feet moved well and he showed multiple go-to-type post moves on the block. Solid performance. 

5-star SF Nate Ament (2025) has a great frame with good length and an advanced skill set. The 6-foot-9 wing has a lot of upside but is still getting comfortable in this setting.

4-star SG Bryce James (2025) was a nice connecting piece in this setting. He moved the ball well, knocked down open looks, and he defended on the wing.

Five-Star Plus+ SG Meleek Thomas (2025) brings and electric presence to the court. He plays with the utmost confidence and always seems to be having fun.

4-star SF Tajh Ariza (2026) has a great frame and you can quickly see the skill set. He knocked down a couple of jump shots and pushed the break under control when switching ends.

4-star C Malachi Moreno (2025) continues to find ways to impact the game. One of the tallest players in the camp, listed at 6-foot-11, moves well and is an excellent rebounder. He plays with toughness around the basket and he knocked down a couple of mid-range chip shots.

SF Jaylan Mitchell (2027) has a strong frame and a natural feel for the game. He is comfortable on the ball, listed at 6-foot-7, and made plays off the bounce.

4-star SF Jalen Montonati (2026) is a noted shooter, today he showed well cutting off the ball and finishing some at the rim. He has good positional size and confidence. 

4-star Jayden Hodge (2026) is a solid player with few holes in his floor game. He rebounded, made a couple of shots, pushed the break, and finished one big dunk in transition. 

4-star SF Cam Holmes (2026) has an understanding of the game, more times than not finding himself in the right place to make a play. He has good length and can handle, shoot, and pass to create opportunities.

4-star F Sebastian Williams-Adams (2025) of St. John’s HS (TX) demonstrated his ability to run the floor, grabbed strong rebounds, and played well in transition. Also showed his ability to knock down the catch and shoot three at 6-foot-7.

4-star PG Mikel Brown (2025) was comfortable and poised with the ball in his hands. The 6-foot-3 guard from Overtime Elite (GA) is always looking for the open man. He can also get to his spots and score the basketball. Was very unselfish. Got into passing lanes and grabbed a couple of steals too. 

Five-Star Plus+ Koa Peat (2025) is a productive force. He rebounds well and makes plays with the ball in his hands. Peat is not afraid of the spotlight.

4-star PF Chris Nwuli (2025) is a supreme athlete and looks for any occasion to show off his run and jump ability. The 6-foot-6 forward is at his best in transition.

4-star F Terrion Burgess (2025) has a natural basketball player’s frame with great length and positional size. He will need to continue adding to his game, expanding his range and handle, but the upside of his physical makeup is intriguing.

4-star PG Junior County (2026) connected the pieces well here. He did not do things he could not do, and made a couple of shots. County was not flashy, but was effective. 

SF Baba Oladotun (2027)  has a lot of natural abilities. Has a projectable frame with great length. His best attribute here was his jump shot which he took confidently and with range. 

4-star SF Elijah Williams (2026) has a sturdy frame with a nice straight-line pop. The son of Detroit Pistons head coach Monty Williams moved the ball well and has a smooth jump shot. 

4-star PF Jack McCaffery (2025) has an excellent feel for the game. He connected the pieces well and showed a pretty jump shot. He is the son of Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery.

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