US Presidential Election 2024: Who is that perfect Democrat to replace Joe Biden?

US Presidential Election 2024: Who is that perfect Democrat to replace Joe Biden?

The first US Presidential Debate had led to many Democrats questioning Biden’s capabilities and his ability to contest the upcoming US Presidential Election in November. Many of them have called for his replacement. However, the US Democratic Party may find it difficult to find his replacement, considering various political calculations. In this regard, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock may be the perfect fit as Democrats are concerned about the outcome of the upcoming presidential poll. While many surveys found that the Democrats favor Vice-President Kamala Harris and the Governor of California Gavin Newson, there are some challenges with both these candidates.

Kamala Harris and Gavin Newson:

Many of the Democrats do favor Harris but the US Vice-President is not known for her campaigning abilities. Her presidential bid in 2020 fizzled out in the early stages. While she does not have any cognitive decline, she has her own communication problems. Many times, she is unable to communicate clearly and this leaves many listeners bemused.

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Gavin Newson on the other hand is hoping to contest the US Presidential Election in 2028. He is a front runner but he has certain challenges he has to encounter. His track record on governance has been questioned by his critics who point out that more than one-third of all homeless population in the US resides in the state of California. Further, there is increasing crimes in the state which is considered to be the hi-tech state with many companies in the tech sector being based out of the Silicon Valley.

Whitmer- Warnock combination:

For the Democrats, replacing a white man who is a president and a non-white vice-president will be a tough task ahead. They are likely to lose the support from their traditional supporters including those from the black community.

This is where the Whitmer-Warnock combination will help the Democrats. Firstly, both the members are young enough to articulate their views and distinguish themselves from their predecessors. Secondly, the party needs to satisfy independent moderates and lastly, it needs to include a black and a woman who can help the party retain its vote share.

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Whitmer has been elected twice as the Governor of Michigan and Warnock has won representing Georgia in the US Senate. He had earlier served as a pastor. These reasons support both Whitmer and Warnock as potential candidates in the upcoming poll.


Is Michelle Obama contesting the upcoming US Presidential Election?
She has ruled out a career in politics and has supported Biden. Further, she lacks the administrative experience and may not be able to muster the support of the Democrats and other voters.

How many terms does the US President have at office?
An individual can hold office for 2 terms. Further, each of these terms is for a period for 4 years each.

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