US Presidential Election 2024: Democrats pin their hopes on Kamala Harris; she is the top contender to replace Joe Biden

US Presidential Election 2024: Democrats pin their hopes on Kamala Harris; she is the top contender to replace Joe Biden

fter Biden’s disastrous performance in the first US Presidential Debate, the Democrats are desperately trying to replace him in the upcoming US Presidential Election in November. While he has refused to step down and informed his supporters that his campaign shall continue, there are a growing number of Democrats who point out that the president’s health and his disastrous performance in the first presidential debate are concerns that can no longer be ignored. In such a scenario, the party is building a consensus around Vice-President Kamala Harris. Though she is trailing behind Trump, party insiders point out that she has the ability to defeat him in the months ahead.

Vice-President Kamala Harris:

Kamala Harris, according to many Democrats is the best person to replace Biden on the ballot box. She has served as an Attorney in California and is articulate on many issues. She has been taking on Trump on the issue of Abortion rights and other legal issues. She lashed out at Trump and said that he would use the Department of Justice to go after his political opponents, if he wins the election.

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She has been actively involved in the election and has been campaigning across the country. As compared to other Democrats such as Gavin Newsom, her fellow Californian, she has a nation-wide appeal and is a known face in many of the critical states. It is believed that she has the ability to win across many states.

After Biden’s cognitive decline, many have also started looking for a younger candidate. Biden is 81 and Trump is 78. In comparison, the Vice-President is only 59-years-old. She also has the support among the Blacks, Youth and Women. Presently, the Democrats are looking to shore up their support among these sections of the voters and Harris may the perfect candidate for it.

Presently, she has wider support among the Women, Youth and the Blacks as compared to Trump who has the greater support among the members of the Hispanic community.


Kamala Harris may not have the political acumen to contest the presidential election. She had earlier pulled out of the Democratic Party primaries in 2020 even before the first vote was cast. She has also expressed her support for Biden’s re-election campaign.


Who are the other Democrats who have the potential to replace Joe Biden?
California Governor Gavin Newsom is one of the candidates who may replace Biden. However, VP Kamala Harris is emerging as the strongest candidate in the race.

What is the role of the US Vice-President?
The Constitution declares the Vice-President to be the President of the Senate. They also preside over the office of the President if there any vacancies.

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