US Presidential Debate 2024: Jill Biden helps her husband off stage after an embarrassing performance

US Presidential Debate 2024: Jill Biden helps her husband off stage after an embarrassing performance

First Lady Jill Biden was seen assisting her husband, Joe Biden, off stage after his debacle in the first US Presidential Debate which was hosted by CNN on June 27 in Atlanta. The CNN cameras focused on the First Lady holding her husband’s hand and leading him down the stage, three steps or so. This was after his debate with Donald Trump. The two attended an event after the debate where they addressed supporters belonging to the Democratic Party. The First Lady appeared to be confident when she led Joe Biden out of the venue. Earlier, in the day, Joe Biden fumbled and appeared to have lost the debate against his opponent.

Jill Biden’s banter:

At the post debate event, the president and the first lady attended the Atlanta watch party. The Bidens greeted their supporters and it was on this occasion that Jill Biden was seen telling her husband that he had done a great job by answering all questions. She also said that he knew all the facts.

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Many analysts pointed out that Jill Biden was appearing to be confident and making up for her husband’s terrible performance in the first presidential debate.

What happened during the debate?

The incumbent president fumbled on many occasions and was not coherent. Trump appeared to be aggressive as he cornered his opponent on many points. Joe Biden’s health concerns are now the reason why many within his party are calling for him to be replaced on the ballot box. He also spoke in a soft and scratchy voice which has been attributed to a cold which he is suffering from.


While many within his party have called for his replacement in the upcoming US Presidential Election, social media users called it the “last nail in the coffin”. It is largely believed that the first debate has been won by Trump. Other users had several apolitical observations. One such user pointed out that those with knee problems do often stumble while walking. She was referring to Jill Biden holding her husband’s hand.Also Read: India vs South Africa T20 World Cup Final live in USA: Date, start time, how to watch


How serious are Joe Biden’s health concerns?
In the past few months, many media reports have pointed out that there is a visible cognitive decline in Joe Biden. Many have questioned his re-election on health grounds. After the first presidential debate, it now appears that there will be a serious discussion on this topic.

Are there any health requirements/condition as per the US Constitution for a candidate to contest the US Presidential election?
There are no health requirements for a candidate to contest the US Presidential election. This has assumed importance after Joe Biden’s health appears to have declined in recent times. The 25th Amendment discusses the inability of a sitting president and their resignation. It does not discuss about a candidate wanting to contest the election.

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