US official lauds India’s ‘jaw-dropping’ progress in infrastructure

US official lauds India’s ‘jaw-dropping’ progress in infrastructure

United States Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Geoffrey R Pyatt on Monday expressed admiration for India’s progress in infrastructure as he shared his views about energy priorities, and on opportunities and challenges around critical minerals for the global energy transition.

US Secretary of State for Energy Resources Geoffrey R. Pyatt.(ANI)

During a virtual press briefing, Pyatt reflected on his recent visit to India and said, “It was just jaw-dropping to see the progress.”

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He expressed pride in visiting the new US consulate in Hyderabad, describing the building as “spectacular.”

The US official commended India’s role in the global technology landscape, citing his visit to Microsoft’s Hydrobot campus, the second-largest of its kind globally.

He further stressed the significance of Indian companies aligning with the United States to reduce reliance on Chinese dominance in clean technology supply chains.

“Indian companies are fully aligned with the United States in terms of our shared interest of reducing our exposure to Chinese domination of clean technology supply chains,” Pyatt said as he underscored the potential for India to leverage its manufacturing capabilities and labour costs to establish alternative supply chains.

“One of the pacing factors in the success or failure of our collective energy transition is going to be our ability to scale the supply chains for everything,” he added.

He also lauded Indian firms’ efforts for producing electric three-wheelers.

He said these electric three-wheelers can be used for delivery in the US as well in big cities like New York where big trucks cannot go.

Speaking on foreign trade agreements between the two countries, Pyatt said, “I think we are not currently involved in any kind of a free trade agreement negotiation with India, but we have ongoing and important negotiations about how to facilitate a further deepening of our trade relationship.”

Pyatt’s visit, which took place from January 26 to 31, included engagements in New Delhi and Hyderabad.

In New Delhi, Pyatt participated in two panels at the India-US Forum, where he discussed shared energy priorities and the challenges and opportunities surrounding critical minerals for the global energy transition. These discussions aimed to deepen cooperation between India and the United States in addressing the evolving energy landscape.

Pyatt also held meetings with senior Indian officials to further the bilateral agenda on energy transition, emphasising the need for collaboration in ensuring energy security and building resilient supply chains.

During his time in Hyderabad, Pyatt met with representatives from the private sector and innovators to explore avenues for partnership and investment in the energy sector.

(With inputs from agencies)

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