UC Berkeley graduate programs ranked among best in the nation by ‘U.S. News’

UC Berkeley graduate programs ranked among best in the nation by ‘U.S. News’

UC Berkeley graduate programs are again among the best in the nation, topping several categories, according to the 2024 rankings by U.S. News and World Report released late on Monday, April 8. In all, some 30 Berkeley graduate programs ranked in the Top 10 in the country.

Every year, U.S. News ranks professional school programs in business, education, engineering, law, medicine and nursing — plus specialties in each area. (Berkeley Law does not participate in the rankings.) Other schools and disciplines, as well as specialties, in the sciences, humanities, social sciences, health and other fields are ranked periodically by the media company. Berkeley graduate programs that U.S. News ranked this year, in addition to the six professional school programs, include computer science, public health, social work and public affairs. 

Note: Rankings for the best engineering schools, medical schools and clinical psychology programs have been delayed this year.

Schools and disciplines at Berkeley that placed in the Top 10 this year are computer science (No. 1), public affairs (No. 4), social work (No. 4), business (No. 7), public health (No. 10).

Specialities in each area that ranked in the Top 10 include:

Computer science:

Public Affairs:


  • Part-time MBA (No. 2)

  • Entrepreneurship MBA (No. 4)

  • Nonprofit management MBA (No. 4)

  • Real estate MBA (No. 4)

  • Executive MBA (No. 7)

  • Business analytics MBA (No. 7)

  • Management MBA (No. 7)

  • Finance MBA (No. 8)

  • MBA marketing (No. 10)

Public Health:

U.S News collected the data for the 2024 rankings of the six professional schools ranked every year from statistical surveys of 2,225 programs and from reputation surveys sent to approximately 5,766 academics and 10,941 professionals. The surveys were conducted in fall 2023 and early 2024.

This year’s rankings of graduate programs in public affairs, public health, computer science and social work were calculated from qualitative ratings on academic quality submitted by top officials at these schools. Read more about U.S. News’ methodologies.

See a complete list of UC Berkeley’s graduate school rankings — from this year and previous years — on the U.S. News and World Report website.

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