Tulsa Asian market sees shopping rush ahead of Lunar New Year

Tulsa Asian market sees shopping rush ahead of Lunar New Year

TULSA, Okla. — Lunar New Year is quickly approaching and some Tulsans making preparations for their celebrations.

Mily Nguyen is preparing for her family’s Lunar New Year part this weekend.

“Mango, papaya, pomelo,” she said while filing her shopping cart. “We’re gonna eat rice cakes and play Vietnamese cards.”

To make sure she has everything she needs, Nguyen gets her shopping done at Nam-Hai International Market in Tulsa’s Global District. Owner, Quan Do, said he’s noticing a trend that stretches beyond the local community.

We have a lot of people, not only from Tulsa, but from different states, they all come here to shop for the new year,” said Do. “You have people come from Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas.”

The front of the store is lined with bouquets of yellow flowers. They symbolize prosperity and good fortune, according to Do. Shopper, Angelina Nguyen, purchased as many as she could carry.

The store’s front bins are filled with rice cakes, party favors, gift baskets, games, and red envelopes. There’s also an extra supply of fruit.

“The cherimoya, the coconut, the papaya, and the mango,” said Do, explaining popular choices for holiday He said they represent abundance for the new year.

Nam-Hai will host its annual Lunar New Year celebration on Sunday. Do said he was unable to find lion dancers who weren’t already booked for the weekend.

“We even tried Dallas, Texas,” said Do. “But they’re all booked up as well.”

Do said Sunday’s party will have plenty of music, raffles, and red envelopes.

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