Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


Take a deep bow, Taurus—and maybe a deep breath, too! May is the grand finale of an epic year that began last May 16, 2023, when expansive Jupiter moved into your sign, kicking off a new 12-year chapter. It hasn’t been all sunshine and roses, but there’s been so much growth. And oh, have you bloomed into a new version of yourself. So much so that you might even be ready to prune a bit of the abundance and let it start to take shape. Good news, Bull: That’s exactly what May has in store for you as Jupiter wraps up its Tour de Toro on May 25.

While last month was a roller coaster for all zodiac signs (solar eclipse! Mercury retrograde! Jupiter and Uranus meetup in your sign!), May helps you integrate whatever came up—from the past that got “eclipsed” away to the bold new start that got sparked by the April 20 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

If you “haven’t been yourself” or had the sense that life is moving faster than you can control, well, you’re right. And as the zodiac’s most steadfast sign, you’re not exactly comfortable with change that YOU don’t initiate yourself (and even that can be challenging). But kudos to you, Bull. You’re handling this whole change thing like a pro.

This month, as the Sun glides through Taurus until May 20, you may actually welcome a little shake-up to the status quo. After all, you’re always providing for everyone else, but what about YOU? Your wants and needs—or at least the process of discovering what those are—takes priority now. With your birthday season in full swing, you could feel all the more compelled to make firm choices about the next phase of your life.

A perfect day to declare that is May 7, when the only Taurus new moon of 2024 marks your “personal new year,” a cosmic coming-out day that puts you in touch with your truth. If you’ve got a personal initiative or passion project underway, map out where you’d like to be by the corresponding Taurus full moon on November 15. Then take your first bold step toward that destination!

You’ve got goals of all sizes now, Taurus, but you might need to pace yourself with the farthest-reaching ones. On May 2, transformational Pluto starts its annual five-month retrograde—until October 11. Most of the backtracking will be through Aquarius and your tenth house of long-term agendas and professional endeavors, with a ten-week pivot back into Capricorn and expansive ninth house.

Are the current structures of your life strong enough to support your goals and plans? That could be up for review now. While Pluto’s retrograde, you might rethink your career trajectory. Men and fathers fall in this zodiac zone, which could illuminate a relationship with a key male that needs transformation or repair.

And if something needs a little shaking up, the May 13 conjunction of the Sun and changemaker Uranus should do the job. This once-a-year meetup is happening in Taurus, and it could give you an electrifying jolt of motivation around your personal goals. Got a big, surprising announcement to drop? Let ‘er rip today.

Another incredible moment of opportunity arrives on May 18, when the Sun and abundant Jupiter make their annual meetup. This year, they’re connecting in YOUR sign, which hasn’t happened in more than a decade! Nicknamed the Day of Miracles, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction is believed by some astrologers to be one of the most fortunate dates of the year. As this duo unites in Taurus, you’ve got an open invitation to take a major leap of faith regarding one of your greatest goals.

One or two of your big ideas could gain traction starting May 20, when the Sun enters Gemini and your grounding second house. With el Sol in this prosperous and productive sector, you’re ready to materialize those lofty visions and begin building them brick by brick. Your mind is on money, work and results—but make time to enjoy those sensual pleasures that make #TaurusLife worth living!

Getting into a steady routine should be easier now. Even a simple daily practice, such as free-writing for 15 minutes with your morning coffee or taking a 20-minute walk after dinner, can be incredibly anchoring. A little “nature and chill” will also soothe your earth-sign soul, so go commune with plants and trees. 

Before you just put your head down and start grinding away, stop to examine your deepest motives. A major moment of transformation arrives on May 23, when the year’s only Sagittarius full moon beams into your intimate eighth house, illuminating the most private and connective part of your chart. 

This full moon could expose a secret or bring a make-or-break moment to a key relationship. Are you ready to take a more permanent step with a business deal? Could your love life be ready to progress to a permanent next step? At the full moon, you could make a decisive move. 

The eighth house is the realm of joint ventures and investments. Whether emotional or financial, all of your “entanglements” are in the spotlight now. A real estate or legal matter could also reach a transition point. Time to make a decision, Taurus—or an offer? 

No need to rush into anything if you’re not totally ready because you’ll have a full year to check out your options! On May 25, expansive Jupiter will exit your sign, where it’s been since May 16, 2023, and move into Gemini until June 9, 2025. 

For the past 12 months, Jupiter’s been in Taurus, setting off a whole new 12-year chapter of your life. Are you even the same person you were a year ago? Nope, Taurus, not at all. 

And that reinvention hasn’t come without a few battle scars. You went down into your dark night of the soul in 2022 and early 2023, healing your spirit and shedding outmoded parts of your life. Then, from May 16, 2023, until now you’ve been on a whirlwind reinvention tour, filled with exciting adventures, bold risks and grand opportunities. Jupiter’s last visit to Taurus was in 2011-2012, which could have been major years for you as well. Look back to that time for clues of themes that could be repeating now.

While Jupiter brings growth, not all of the shifts were a walk in the park. You may have been launched into new levels of autonomy and self-sufficiency that required you to change the whole setup of your life. We know a number of Tauruses who moved out of longtime homes into new living situations, started over after the loss of a parent or a relationship, and launched new businesses that required a lot of adjustment. 

It’s been epic, but as a Taurus, you’re only comfortable driving without a roadmap and GPS for so long. Good news: On May 25, Jupiter will sail into Gemini and your grounded second house of money and security, staying until June 9, 2025. You’ll shift into “builder” mode and start seeing results from all the experimentation you did.

How can you best use Jupiter in Gemini to your advantage? Take one or two of the most promising ideas from your Jupiter-in-Taurus cycle and hone them into something tangible—and profitable. All of your experimenting will pay off, and you’ll see the fruits of Jupiter in Taurus start to ripen this spring and summer. 

Bountiful Jupiter could bring one of your luckiest financial years in over a decade! You could also be given a promotion or a steady gig with a stable (and increased) paycheck if that’s what you’re craving. You may be offered a job with relocation or travel, or make a name for yourself in publishing, inspirational speaking or sales (all Jupiter-ruled areas). Jupiter is the zodiac’s gambler who prompts us to take risks and stretch beyond the familiar. 

With Jupiter in your second house of self-worth, your confidence will also soar to new heights, helping you boldly venture into new terrain. From this healthy, centered place, you’ll attract people and opportunities that can fulfill you for the long haul.

Look back to Jupiter’s last visit to Gemini if you can, which was from June 11, 2012, to June 25, 2013. If that was a time of prosperity for you, get ready to rinse and repeat! Just make sure you don’t take on more than you can realistically handle. It would be easy to work around the clock while Jupiter’s in Gemini. Make sure to pause for restorative breaks, which will take conscious effort to schedule when your talents are this in-demand!

On to new horizons—or is there still some unfinished business to handle? With your ruler, romantic Venus, in Taurus until May 23, you’re ready to open your heart and give Cupid a clear shot. Generally speaking, that’s a fine idea. Just make sure it’s actually him slinging the arrows and not the devil on your shoulder! 

Those less productive whispers come from the other love planet, Mars, which is spending the whole month in Aries and your twelfth house of illusions. This could make May a bit tricky when it comes to your discernment. When a mutual attraction heats up, you’ll be ready to pounce. But your BS detector could be in need of repair work. You may also feel the pull toward a charming yet totally unrealistic (and potentially unhealthy) person. Ready as your body may be to throw caution to the wind, your feelings will invariably get involved. (Yes, even if everyone’s up-front that this is “just a physical thing.”) 

Coupled Bulls should be extra careful not to let lines get blurred. A moment on the lips is more than “just a blip.” Restraint returns, along with common sense, when Venus heads into Gemini and your grounded second house on May 23. 

Right before it does, Venus will unite with expansive Jupiter in Taurus, one of the best days for love all year. Under a full moon in Sagittarius and your erotic eighth house, you could have one of the most intimate days of the year yet! 

Put your stamp on it! The Sun is in Taurus until May 20, along with lots of other planets—magnetic Venus, trailblazing Uranus and lucky Jupiter (until May 25). Jupiter will be rounding out a yearlong visit to the Bullpen, and when it makes a lucky connection with the Sun on May 18, you could be recognized in a huge way for your gifts. 

The May 7 Taurus new moon is a great day to kick off a new venture and set fresh intentions for the next six months of your career. And a “eureka!” moment could strike this May 13, when the Sun and innovative Uranus make their annual meetup. So many big ideas, so little time!

But pace yourself, Bull. All month long, energizer Mars is in Aries and your powered-down twelfth house, which could make you feel both wired and tired. On June 9, the red planet will blaze into your sign, rebooting your motivation and magnetism. Use the next month to put the finishing touches on any projects or loose ends, even if you have to work a few extra hours to get it off your plate. 

Love Days: 15, 21

Money Days: 9, 28

Luck Days: 7, 26

Off Days: 5, 19, 23

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