Sports fans prepare for an epic MLS season

Sports fans prepare for an epic MLS season

Following the winter FIFA World Cup in Qatar – and Team USA’s incredible journey to the knockout stages – we’ve seen a spike in the sport’s viewing figures across the US. Known to some as European football but soccer to most, the game hasn’t always been popular in the states. As fans become interested in both the men’s and women’s international and club games, things are changing. Are you a fully paid-up citizen of planet football yet?

If you aren’t already a soccer fan, now is the ideal time to show an interest. The new Major League Soccer season is almost upon us, with games starting on Saturday, 25th of February. Raising the curtain on what will be a historic year for the tournament, Nashville SC plays New York City FC in what will be a dramatic and entertaining 90 minutes. Both sides are desperate to get off to the best possible start, but will it be Nashville or NYC celebrating three points?

You can have your say on that match’s outcome at any licensed betting app advertised at But in this article, we look a little further ahead and, on the approach to game one of the season, our soccer experts attempt to predict the champion. Which MLS team will win the title? Please keep reading to find out as we break down the odds, shine the spotlight on FC Dallas’s chances, and make our predictions.

Even if you’re not a soccer fan, we know you’ll be a fan of attempting to profit from the play. Many eye-catching markets are available during the season, and over a hundred to bet on in each fixture. This page has everything you need to start the party and enjoy the near-ten months of action heading your way.


Outright markets

There are many ways you can spice up your viewing of the season by placing a bet with a major bookmaker. The leading traders working in Las Vegas allow fans to wager on the winner of the title, but there are also several exciting specials.

Bookies aim to draw a large audience by ensuring the traditional markets are backed up by fresh, unique ways to bet. You’ll find the best of the outright markets below, and these are available today at most major sportsbooks. Select your favorite or try something new this year.

Regular season winner

When betting on this market, you aim to predict the team you believe will win the regular season. It doesn’t matter how they achieve this or how many points clear they are of the chasing pack as long as they finish the campaign as champions in the first stage.

Bookies predict the names they expect to be in the frame, and it’s up to you whether you follow the traders’ thinking or take them on with an outsider. If you agree with traders and go for one of the market leaders, your odds will be low. You’ll enjoy higher odds if you’re bold enough to oppose bookmakers.

MLS Cup winner

This market is more challenging to predict, and, as such, the betting odds available are usually higher than you’d find in the previous market. Here, you’re looking to call the season’s overall winner – the team that will lift the MLS Cup and be crowned champions of Major League Soccer. That’s no mean feat, but the prizes are worthwhile.

When backing a team to win the MLS Cup, their league position during the regular season isn’t as important as how they finish. You’ll remain in the running if your pick makes it through to the extended season. You’re then looking for them to go on and lift the trophy.

Top goalscorer

Who will be the top goalscorer in MLS this season? Some exciting names among the favorites include Jesus Ferreira and Javier Fernandez. To be clear, when playing in this market, it’s the competition’s overall scorer you’re looking for, not one team’s leading scorer.

What the bookies make of FC Dallas

According to the bookies, will FC Dallas win the MLS Cup this season? Traders have written them off with odds of around +2800 available.

That means the market has Dallas as the ninth most-likely team to win the trophy. Dallas is behind the New York Redbulls and Atlanta United. Is that fair, or is there value there?

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