Seventeen releases best album ‘17 Is Right Here’; announces US tour, other activities

Seventeen releases best album ‘17 Is Right Here’; announces US tour, other activities

K-pop idol group Seventeen released their best album “17 Is Right Here” with a music video for the lead single “Maestro” on April 29. 

During a global press conference on April 29, Seventeen discussed the album and their career, and announced their activities for the year including a new album and US tour.  



K-pop idol group Seventeen at their global press conference on April 29 for their best album ““17 Is Right Here” (Courtesy of Pledis Entertainment)

According to PLEDIS Entertainment, “17 Is Right Here” has received more than three million pre-orders as of April 19, 10 days prior to the official release, achieving an impressive sales record.

“17 Is Right Here” is a proud testament to Seventeen’s current dominance and a vow for the future. 

Composed of two CDs, “17 Is Right Here” presents four new songs, Korean versions of eight previously-released Japanese lead singles, 20 lead singles from past Korean releases, and a digital-only instrumental version of the group’s debut single, “Adore U.”

The track list is a reminder of Seventeen’s self progression and their relentless evolution as artists, while the newly added tracks signal a promising way forward with much more to unveil.

The main track “Maestro” best represents such progression, weaving in elements from the band’s past seven releases–“Adore U,” “Very Nice,” “Oh My!”, “Fear,” “Rock with you,” “Cheers,” and “Super”– while innovating a style and concept vastly original to itself. 

The music video for “Maestro” is set in a dark dystopian world where anything, including music and art, can be easily created with technology. The 13 members explore the concept of “true creation” as they confront and eventually embrace the unfamiliar beings introduced to them, ending the video with a thought-provoking question, “Who is the real maestro?”

Seventeen also showcased their versatility through three distinct unit tracks. “Lalali” captures Hip-hop Unit’s laid-back confidence and “Spell” delivers Performance Unit’s sensual sentiment of love while “Cheers to youth” embodies the Vocal Unit’s celebration of simple joys of life. 

Members including Woozi, S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon, The 8, and Dino took part in the production.

S.COUPS (2).jpg

S.COUPS (1).jpgSeventeen’s S.Coups (Pledis Entertainment)

MINGYU (2).jpg

MINGYU (1).jpg

Seventeen’s Mingyu (Pledis Entertainment)WOOZI (2).jpg

WOOZI (1).jpg

Seventeen’s Woozi (Pledis Entertainment)WONWOO (2).jpg

WONWOO (1).jpg

Seventeen’s Wonwoo (Pledis Entertainment)JOSHUA (2).jpg

JOSHUA (1).jpg

Seventeen’s Joshua (Pledis Entertainment)

Activities for 2024

At the global press conference, Seventeen said  “17 Is Right Here” marks just the beginning of what is more to come. 

Mingyu said Seventeen will release another album this year. 

“This year aside from the best album release, we actually will have one more album release. So this year, we’re gonna be doing two releases,” he said. 

In addition, he said, “After the Follow Again tour, I’m thinking there might be another concert, a new concert. There’s also Carat Land in store.” 

Joshua announced a US tour in the fall. 

“In the fall, we are going to be coming at you with a new fall tour. And so we are going to be there with you, our Carats in the United States. And this is in two years since we were there with the “Be The Sun’ tour in 2022,” he said. 

In Europe, they are set to grace Glastonbury’s main stage and will be the sole K-pop act to perform at this year’s Lollapalooza Berlin. 

VERNON (2).jpg

VERNON (1).jpg

Seventeen’s Vernon (Pledis Entertainment)SEUNGKWAN (2).jpg


Seventeen’s Seungkwan (Pledis Entertainment)DK (1).jpg

DK (2).jpg

Seventeen’s DK (Pledis Entertainment)JUN (1).jpg

JUN (2).jpg

Seventeen’s Jun (Pledis Entertainment)HOSHI (2).jpg

HOSHI (1).jpg

Seventeen’s Hoshi (Pledis Entertainment)DINO (1).jpg

DINO (2).jpg

Seventeen’s Dino (Pledis Entertainment)JEONGHAN (1).jpg

JEONGHAN (2).jpg

Seventeen’s Jeonghan (Pledis Entertainment)THE 8 (2).jpg

THE 8 (1).jpg

Seventeen’s The8 (Pledis Entertainment)

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