Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


Order is coming to the Scorpio court this month—and that news is probably a huge relief. On March 25, the Libra lunar eclipse swept through your boundary-blurring twelfth house, dumping out the containers of your life like a tub of Legos. Now it’s time to sort through all the chaos and clutter and find the parts you want to keep. Regaining a sense of control, without the unhealthy micromanaging and stress, is your April mission.

For the first three weeks of this month, the cosmic forces are aligned in Aries and your sixth house of organization, health and helpful people. The Sun is making its annual rounds here until April 19. And this year, we’ve also got a total solar eclipse in Aries on April 8 (major!) and Mercury turning retrograde from April 1 to 25 (tricky). 

Mercury is the planet of technology, travel and communication. Three times a year, it passes the earth in its journey and appears to go backward. During this cycle, everything under Mercury’s jurisdiction can go haywire. People misunderstand one another. Plans get canceled and appliances break down. You’ll need to be hypervigilant to keep things running even half as smoothly as normal.

With Mercury retrograde in your orderly sixth house, be precise with instructions and interactions. Triple-confirm that you’ve truly understood directions yourself—and that anyone taking marching orders from you knows exactly what’s expected. Check in regularly with your employees, service providers and teammates. 

Guard your health as well since Mercury is a “high-touch” planet: Going the extra mile when it comes to washing your hands and avoiding the snifflers and coughers is a good idea during this backspin. (Even if people claim they’re sneezing from spring allergies, you don’t have to believe them.) Slow down and stay present to avoid careless accidents now. Better to extend a deadline than to multitask and make a critical error.

This retrograde-proofing is doubly important since we’re in the middle of eclipse season, a time when people are off-center and ungrounded. Hold tight for the second round of eclipses—and this one’s a biggie! On April 8, the Aries new moon arrives as a total solar eclipse and supermoon. With a path of totality sweeping across parts of the USA, this is the cosmic event skywatchers have been eagerly anticipating, and the first Great American Eclipse since August 2017. 

The April 8 eclipse will feature SIX placements in Aries: the Sun, moon, Mercury (retrograde), Venus, the north node and healer-feeler Chiron. We’ve nicknamed this event the Chironeclipse since Chiron is in a tight conjunction with the Sun and moon.

This supercharged new moon starts bringing order to the Scorpio court right away. With communicator Mercury and healing Chiron near the new moon, your transformation is both an inside AND an outside job. Look at the mind-body-spirit connection as you assess your life. Unearth the emotional motives behind the things you fear or are resistant toward.

One way you might spot a block is to look at where you’ve got clutter in your home or workspace. Investigate: What, if anything, are you holding onto emotionally here? For example, if half of your closet is filled with expensive clothes that you haven’t worn in a decade, there could be a buried emotional motive. Maybe you’re still attached to that version of yourself, the person you were during that time. Fair enough—it could have been a happy or successful time in your life. Now ask yourself: Are you clinging to those glory days because you’re scared to step into the next phase of life? Is it possible that you’re actually ripe for a reinvention but have been putting it off? 

We’re not going to suggest that you do anything rash here, like bagging up your Gucci or vintage pieces and taking them to charity. Shocking a Scorpio’s system is never advised, especially during the double whammy of Mercury retrograde and eclipse season! 

Instead of getting rid of things (unless you’re actually inspired to do so), just observe, notice and maybe do some journaling to process what comes up when you think about letting go of certain things. Can this part of your life be repurposed into something new, or has it truly outlived its usefulness?

When you feel a bit clearer about what’s happening, take a small step into new terrain. In this wardrobe example, you might buy yourself a new staple piece, like a blazer or piece of jewelry that reflects the person you are today. Then do it again. As you continue to do things that affirm the “new you,” the courage to release the past will continue to increase until it becomes second nature.

Has your health been an issue? At the eclipse, it may become impossible to ignore. Whether you’ve been in denial about a nagging ache or not booking necessary medical appointments, it’s time to get the support you deserve. Maybe you’re just ready to start some new habits that will keep you feeling vital and energized. It’s time for a life makeover that feels more balanced!

Try a core-strengthening HIIT workout regimen or troll the farmer’s market for seasonal goodies, including foraged morel mushrooms and freshly harvested spring ramps. Mind-body-soul modalities like breathwork or plant medicine could lead to some Chironic self-healing.

The sixth house also rules service and helpful people. If you’re not already giving back in some way, you could be inspired to get involved in a do-good effort. Chiron’s presence suggests you may want to help people who are struggling with an issue you’ve overcome. 

Bring wellness to your daily schedule by upgrading your systems. You’ll do best by making lists and trying out efficiency apps and software to help you track your efforts. From firing up your FitBit to organizing big projects on platforms like Basecamp or Asana, breaking every big endeavor into bite-sized steps will help you make headway. 

Assess Team Scorpio this month: Do you have enough support and, if so, is it the right kind? You’re a force of nature, but without backup, you’ll only get so far. Consider trading a little control for a wider reach and faster project completion. That doesn’t mean you have to lower your standards or hand someone else the wheel (as if you’d ever). Ramp up your skills and those of the people around you, and you’ll position yourself for even greater success.

And then…bring on the dynamic duos! Your closest ties take center stage on April 19, when the Sun moves into Taurus, your seventh house of one-on-one relationships. Between now and May 20, look for ways to create more mutuality and better balance with your closest companions. Seek out synergistic collaborations and find ways to strengthen your most meaningful connections. 

You may not have to look far. The next day, April 20, brings a momentous meetup of Jupiter and Uranus, the two most rebellious and freedom-seeking planets in the solar system. To give you an idea of how rare this alignment is, it only happens every 14 years, and the last time it occurred in Taurus was May 1941. You could suddenly be all in…or shockingly all the way out. Under this impulsive combo, you could make a move without thinking things all the way through. One Uber ride to City Hall, coming right up?

Even if you don’t officialize—or dissolve—a partnership, you’ll be ready to hit the “hard reset” button on certain alliances. Even the best bonds can benefit from a refresh, so don’t shy away from this rare opportunity. Bring a “beginner’s mind” to your longtime ties, and stay open to someone new and radically different from your usual type—for friendship, business and romance. 

Stability is great, but not if things get stagnant in your efforts to maintain the status quo. Throw away the rules as well as your concerns about what people think of your choices. What, and more specifically who, lights YOU up, Scorpio?

On the subject of illumination, make way for the spotlight! This April 23, the year’s only Scorpio full moon will beam into your first house of fresh starts, giving you a huge burst of can-do courage. Take the initiative and get the ball rolling by speaking up for what you want. 

A passion project you’ve been working on since your last birthday could reach an important turning point now. This full moon helps you advocate for yourself. The key? Stop waiting for permission or a “sign”—and just go for it!

The caveat, of course, is that Mercury is retrograde until April 25. So while the Scorpio full moon may signal “all systems go,” you may still need to navigate around some delays. Be patient as you wait for a response or green light. But don’t hold back from putting the word out or making your supersized ask!

You could be torn between playing it wild and mild this month as the love planets spin in dueling directions. Until April 30, spicy Mars is rounding out a trip through Pisces and your passionate fifth house, dialing up the lusty antics as well as the drama. Talk about a hit of spring fever, Scorpio! Your magnetic allure could be off the charts.

But wait! From April 5 to 29, romantic Venus is in Aries and your sensible, organized sixth house, sounding the call for cooler heads to prevail. For couples, this is a great time to start working out together or to tackle a big cleanup project—and bring some playfulness to it! A little friendly competition could even heat up your attraction.

Partnerships turn into the main event after April 19, when the Sun moves into Taurus and your committed relationship house. A shocking moment arrives April 20, when expansive Jupiter nad disruptor Uranus make a rare convergence in Taurus, shaking up the status quo. You could suddenly find yourself attracted to someone wildly different from your usual type, perhaps even from another culture or background than yours. Opposite not only attract today, they ignite.

The April 23 Scorpio full moon puts the spotlight on you and your needs. Speak up if you haven’t been sharing what you want. You can’t expect anyone to read your mind, no matter how well they know you.

You’re in taskmaster mode this month as the Sun moves through Aries and your efficient sixth house through April 19. It’s time to free up some mental space by dealing with all those little things that have been piling up. And with efficient Mercury retrograde (backward), a deep decluttering could be just what the cosmos ordered between April 1 and 25. From the proposal you’ve been meaning to send out since February to hiring someone to paint the kitchen, you’ve got three choices: Do it, drop it or delegate it. 

The April 8 Aries total solar eclipse will help you take action. If it turns out you need more than part-time support, start looking for collaborators after April 19, when the Sun moves into Taurus and your partnership zone. Get ready, Scorpio! Out of the blue a trailblazing collaboration could be offered to you when adventurous Jupiter and disruptor Uranus make a rare convergence in Taurus on April 20.

Love Days: 6, 10

Money Days: 15, 26

Luck Days: 14, 23

Off Days: 8, 12, 21

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