Roger Goodell plans to bring a massive change to the NFL regular season

Roger Goodell plans to bring a massive change to the NFL regular season

Commissioner Roger Goodell is planning to bring major changes to the NFL, including the schedule of the regular season and the Super Bowl.

Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL
© Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesRoger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL

With the dawn of a new football season, Commissioner Roger Goodell always seeks to introduce innovative ideas to enhance the NFL and its offerings. Recently, he unveiled huge plans aimed at transforming the league’s regular season and the Super Bowl.

At the conclusion of each season, Roger Goodell engages in discussions with team owners regarding the future direction of the NFL. Their shared objective is to cultivate a more engaging league that not only boosts revenue but also provides an enhanced entertainment experience for fans.

Now, the Commissioner is contemplating a substantial overhaul of the league. During the 2024 NFL Draft, he hinted at massive changes being planned for the regular season, with potential impact for the Super Bowl.

Roger Goodell plans to change the entire schedule of the NFL soon

The NFL remains in a state of perpetual evolution, perpetually striving to enhance the fan experience and stimulate growth across teams, with the potential to influence earnings.

In recent times, one of the most prevalent topics of discussion has been the structure of the regular season schedule. Many fans advocate for the elimination of preseason games, a sentiment that Commissioner Goodell appears to support.

Commissioner Goodell has indicated a willingness to potentially reduce the preseason in the near future. These games are often perceived as lacking appeal for fans and pose an increased risk of injuries for players.

“I think we’re good at 17 [games] now, but we’re looking at how we continue,” Goodell said. I’m not a fan of the preseason. I don’t think we need preseason anymore.”

Goodell unveiled that the league is contemplating a shift to an 18-game regular season, coupled with just two preseason matchups. Such a move would inevitably affect the Super Bowl, potentially necessitating a date change to one week after its traditional schedule.

Roger Goodell – NFL 2022

“If we got to 18 and 2, that’s not an unreasonable thing,” Goodell said. “The other thing it does, [Super Bowl Sunday] ends on up Presidents’ Day weekend, which is a three-day weekend, which makes it Sunday night and then you have Monday off.

What is Roger Goodell’s contract with the NFL?

According to ESPN, Roger Goodell made $63.9 million in the 2019 and 2020 seasons. Now, reports say that he’s set to sign a new contract with the NFL that would link him to the league until 2027.

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Should the NFL change to a regular season with 18 games?


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