Rockets Could Have Best NBA Draft Lottery Ever

Rockets Could Have Best NBA Draft Lottery Ever

The Houston Rockets will be watching ping pong balls on Mother’s Day as they anticipate where they will be selecting at next month’s NBA Draft.

The Rockets will likely walk away with a mid-lottery selection as part of their James Harden trade with the Brooklyn Nets, but there’s a reality where Houston ends up absolutely dominating the lottery.

In a perfect world, the Rockets would like to have the top two picks in the NBA Draft, and there’s the slightest chance that it could actually happen.

The Nets’ pick that they are sending to the Rockets is unprotected, meaning no matter where it ends up, Houston will have the selection. However, their own pick — currently slated to be No. 12 overall — must wind up in the top four for Houston to retain, and there’s only a 7.1 percent chance for that to happen.

According to TikTok creator Ryan Hammer, the Rockets have a 7.2 percent chance to nab their fourth consecutive top-four pick, a 1.4 percent chance to have both picks land in the top four, and a 0.14 percent chance to land both Nos. 1 & 2. However, there’s a 3.1 percent chance that neither pick ends up in the top 10.

Ultimately, the chances are slim for the Rockets to move up from their spot. However, in the slim chance it happens, fans should certainly tune into the lottery.

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