Prepare for the 4th of July With These Movies That Are All About America

Prepare for the 4th of July With These Movies That Are All About America

Everyone knows about the enemies-to-lovers trope, but what about the fake-lovers-to-lovers trope? That’s essentially what this story is—which is about a woman who fakes her love for someone in the Marines, only to actually fall in love with him in the end.

Anyone who knows a thing or two about the U.S. hostage crisis in Iran in 1979 knows how intense of a situation it was. Ben Affleck stars in the movie adaption of the real life story, seeing him as the man who helps save the six hostages overseas.

American Graffiti

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American Graffiti is a cute story that shows the breezy, romantic way of life that the teens of the 1960s were all about.

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Obviously, a Kevin Costner flick had to make the cut. It focuses on a Civil War lieutenant who builds a rather interesting relationship with the Sioux tribe—and the lessons he learns in doing so.

When Samantha, aka the First Daughter, wants to attend college, she makes sure to do everything in her power to fit in. It’s not always easy being the presidents daughter!

Johnny Tremain

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

“The British are coming!” Those famous lines from Paul Revere are cemented in American history. This flick tells the story of the patriotic icon—and it’s quite insightful, too.

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Matthew McConaughey and Bill Paxton star in this historical (but fictional) action drama about American Marines who took over a German ship in World War II as a means to find some secrets. Little did they know, however, their cover would be blown rather quickly. Now, they must fight off intruders or experience a doomed fate.

Eddie Murphy is Prince Akeem of Zamunda, a member of a royal family in fictional country that must travel to America to find love. This comedy is one fun watch, and shows the beauty of two cultures colliding in an epic tale.

The love for American baseball was nothing more than just an image booster for Milwaukee Brewers player Stan Ross (Bernie Mac). So, when he hits his 3000th base hit, he enters the Hall of Fame, seeing him retire instantly. Years later, he has his title revoked when an “error” is found showing that he is actually three hits shy from the record. Now at 47 years old, he makes his way back to the league to regain what he lost.

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If you know anything about the historic battle of Gettysburg, you’re in for a treat. This movie yearns to re-tell the story in a visual manner, having shot many of its scenes on the actual battle ground!

A family of foreign mice begin the venture to America by boat. When one of the young members, Fievel, accidentally overboards, he finds himself in some deep trouble. Now, he must figure out a way to America alone in order to find his family.

Lone Survivor takes viewers on an intense journey as a four-man Navy SEAL team do their best to escape the strikes of the Taliban. Mark Wahlberg is known for playing tough characters, but this just might be the most gritty he’s been yet.

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What’s more patriotic than watching this kid’s adventure film that shows a historic museum literally coming to life at night? You’ll get to see a bunch of figurines of famous people from different points of time become human—and you better believe that they have opinions!

Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks are a power duo in this movie about The Washington Post’s attempt to expose some longtime government secrets. Their career as editors are on the line, but if they can serve justice, then it will all have been worth it.

Those who are fascinated with anything NASA related will love this star-packed film about the space program’s first 15 years running. You’ll get a taste of the very early days of the organization, including all of the frustrations that came with it.

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Marshall University experienced a tragedy in 1970 after a fatal plane crash. A former coach with a big heart travels back to town to help rebuild the community and their faith in the sport for the upcoming year.

Former First Lady and style icon Jackie Kennedy is at the forefront of this recent film. Natalie Portman embodies the historical figure, giving viewers another perspective at her life.

Even the President of the United States of America has a dating life, apparently! Watch this sweet, feel-good, romantic, and patriotic film about America’s biggest leader and his quest for love after meeting an environmental lobbyist.

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This WWII film follows Tom Hanks as Private Ryan, and the journey his fellow soldiers embark on as they try to avenge him from the enemy who captured him. This one is sure to bring a few tears!

No one is messing with Bruce Willis as NYPD detective John McClane. Nope, not even the world’s smartest cyber-terrorist whose goal is to tear down the infrastructure of American slowly but surely.

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