Patriots coach Jerod Mayo doesn’t want Tom Brady on the team

Patriots coach Jerod Mayo doesn’t want Tom Brady on the team

Despite all the rumors about Tom Brady’s potential NFL comeback, New England Patriots new coach Jerod Mayo doesn’t seem to be interested in his services.

Tom Brady – New England Patriots – NFL 2023
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The New England Patriots will hold an eternal debt to Tom Brady. He’s the greatest player in franchise history, the biggest winner the NFL has ever seen, and, judging by Bill Belichick’s departure, the most important figure they’ve ever had.

Nonetheless, they’re finally ready to move on. Jerod Mayo has taken the reins of the team, and he hopes that Drake Maye will become the franchise-caliber player Mac Jones wasn’t, even if he doesn’t start right away.

That’s why, despite all the rumors and speculation about a potential comeback, and as much as he respects and admires him, Mayo doesn’t think there’s room for Brady in that QB room anymore.

Jerod Mayo Doesn’t Think Tom Brady Will Come Back

In his latest radio appearance, Mayo stated that he would welcome Brady back in Foxboro if he wanted to become a coach. As far as playing, he’d have to earn his spot, just like anybody else:

Jerod Mayo, head coach of the New England Patriots

“I love Tom, and the door is always open if he wants to come in here and coach,” the coach said on WEEI. “But as far as going on the field, I don’t know. But if he comes in here, once again, going back to the ‘hey, the best player will play,’ you’ve gotta come in here in compete, and he loves competition. I doubt he’s gonna be walking through these doors any time soon.”

Will Tom Brady Make An NFL Comeback?

A couple of weeks ago, the seven-time Super Bowl champion put the sports industry in a frenzy by teasing a potential return. Unsurprisingly, he cited the Patriots as one of the teams he would consider playing for again.

While he acknowledged that he didn’t know if the league would allow him to play because he’s trying to acquire a minority stake in the Las Vegas Raiders, he’s always going to stay in shape.

Of course, with his multi-year and very lucrative deal with FOX to join their broadcast, all his business ventures, and the time he’s been away from the gridiron, that seems like a long shot at this point.

SURVEY Will Brady play in the NFL again?

Will Brady play in the NFL again?


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