NFL draft grades: Breaking down every pick from second and third round

NFL draft grades: Breaking down every pick from second and third round


As the 2024 NFL draft resumes Friday in Detroit, it’s time once again to break out our red pen and start handing out pick-by-pick grades.

With the 32 picks from Thursday already in the books, the second and third rounds still provide the opportunity for teams to secure Day 1 starters and promising long-term prospects. The list of best players available entering the night includes several figures who were expected to make the first-round cut. And with the lack of consensus beyond the class’ most proven products, Friday could feature some surprising decisions.

USA TODAY Sports will be be grading picks throughout Day 2 as they come in, so check back throughout the evening for the latest analysis.

2024 NFL draft grades: Every pick in second round

33. Buffalo Bills (from Carolina Panthers)

34. New England Patriots

35. Arizona Cardinals

36. Washington Commanders

37. Los Angeles Chargers

38. Tennessee Titans

39. Carolina Panthers (from New York Giants)

40. Washington Commanders (from Chicago Bears)

41. Green Bay Packers (from New York Jets)

42. Houston Texans (from Minnesota Vikings)

43. Atlanta Falcons

44. Las Vegas Raiders

45. New Orleans Saints (from Denver Broncos)

46. Indianapolis Colts

47. New York Giants (from Seattle Seahawks)

48. Jacksonville Jaguars

49. Cincinnati Bengals

50. Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans Saints)

51. Pittsburgh Steelers

52. Los Angeles Rams

53. Philadelphia Eagles

54. Cleveland Browns

55. Miami Dolphins

56. Dallas Cowboys

57. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

58. Green Bay Packers

59. Houston Texans

60. Buffalo Bills

61. Detroit Lions

62. Baltimore Ravens

63. San Francisco 49ers

64. Kansas City Chiefs

2024 NFL draft grades: Every pick in third round

65. Carolina Panthers

66. Arizona Cardinals

67. Washington Commanders

68. New England Patriots

69. Los Angeles Chargers

70. New York Giants

71. Arizona Cardinals (from Tennessee Titans)

72. New York Jets

73. Dallas Cowboys (from Detroit Lions through Minnesota Vikings)

74. Atlanta Falcons

75. Chicago Bears

76. Denver Broncos

77. Las Vegas Raiders

78. Washington Commanders (from Seattle Seahawks)

79. Atlanta Falcons (from Jacksonville Jaguars)

80. Cincinnati Bengals

81. Seattle Seahawks (from New Orleans Saints through Denver Broncos)

82. Indianapolis Colts

83. Los Angeles Rams

84. Pittsburgh Steelers

85. Cleveland Browns

86. Houston Texans (from Philadelphia Eagles)

87. Dallas Cowboys

88. Green Bay Packers

89. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

90. Arizona Cardinals (from Houston Texans)

91. Green Bay Packers (from Buffalo Bills)

92. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Detroit Lions)

93. Baltimore Ravens

94. San Francisco 49ers

95. Buffalo Bills (from Kansas City Chiefs)

96. Jacksonville Jaguars (compensatory selection)

97. Cincinnati Bengals (compensatory selection)

98. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Philadelphia Eagles; special compensatory selection)

99. Los Angeles Rams (special compensatory selection)

100. Washington Commanders (from San Francisco 49ers; special compensatory selection)

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