New top US envoy to Taiwan meets its president | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News

New top US envoy to Taiwan meets its president | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News

Taiwan’s President Lai Ching-te has met the new de facto US ambassador to Taiwan, Raymond Greene.

Green became director of the American Institute in Taiwan on Monday.

Lai invited Greene to the presidential office for talks on Wednesday morning.

Lai referred to Greene’s having served twice at the American Institute Taipei Office, and said that with Taiwan-US ties closer than ever before, he believes Greene’s presence in Taiwan as director will help elevate them even more.

Lai also thanked the US government for fulfilling commitments to Taiwan, including 15 military sales announced by President Joe Biden’s administration.
Lai called the action a demonstration of US support for Taiwan’s security.

Greene stressed that the United States remains committed to supporting Taiwan’s ability to defend itself. He said he looks forward to working with Lai to enhance the “already rock-solid US-Taiwan ties.” He also said he is confident that with the support of the international community of democracies, the US can preserve Taiwan’s.

Greene has had many overseas assignments including Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines. People involved in diplomacy have expressed high expectations that he will strengthen ties with countries and regions facing pressure from China.

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