Minnesota Vikings pick Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy in Round 1 of 2024 NFL draft. What to know

Minnesota Vikings pick Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy in Round 1 of 2024 NFL draft. What to know


The Minnesota Vikings selected Michigan football QB J.J. McCarthy with the 10th pick in the 2024 NFL draft. McCarthy spent three seasons with the Wolverines, capturing three Big Ten Titles and one national title. The Vikings traded with the New York Jets to move up one spot and make the pick. Here’s everything you need to know about the highest drafted quarterback in U-M football history:

J.J. McCarthy scouting report

McCarthy can make every throw on the field and has enough speed to not just extend plays, but pick up big yardage. But more than a dynamic quarterback, McCarthy is a dynamic leader. He oozes professionalism, gives back to the community, prioritizes his teammates and does not require being the focal point of an offense. McCarthy has all the raw talent that one desires in a signal caller with no major red flags. If there is one concern, it’s his proclivity to make some head-scratching plays. In the Rose Bowl, it was a first-play interception on the sideline (that was overturned by inches) and against Bowling Green it was three interceptions, two of which were forced throws. 

J.J. McCarthy height, weight

McCarthy is listed at 6-foot-3 and 202 lbs. He’s a La Grange Park, Illinois native and attended IMG Academy (Fla.).

J.J. McCarthy college stats

482 of 713 passing (67.6% completions), 6,226 passing yards, 49 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, 161 carries, 630 yards, 10 TDs.

J.J. McCarthy highlights

The top play from McCarthy’s perfect season in 2023 has to be the trick play in the Rose Bowl against Alabama, when he tossed a sweep to Donovan Edwards, who then attempted to lateral pass the ball back across the formation to McCarthy. The pass appeared to be wide and destined for a turnover, but McCarthy was able to haul in the reception with one hand while repositioning his body, squaring his shoulders and falling backwards while throwing to Roman Wilson for a 20-yard gain.

J.J. McCarthy pro day results

McCarthy was hardly a participant at the NFL combine; he had a decent day throwing but not quite what he’d hoped for and did not run the 40-yard dash or 10-yard split. But at U-M’s pro day, McCarthy was said to have wowed the full house; there’s video of his former head coach, now-Chargers coach Jim Harbaugh, celebrating each of his throws, discussing how he hadn’t missed one all day.

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