Micah Parsons gets in social media fight with Dallas Cowboys teammate

Micah Parsons gets in social media fight with Dallas Cowboys teammate

Micah Parsons isn’t happy with the Dallas Cowboys. After Jerry Jones decided to pick the fifth-year option of the defensive star, a massive contract extension was highly anticipated. However, as it has has happened with Dak Prescott, there’s no offer on the table.

As a consequence, the leaders in Dallas are getting tired of the situation. It’s important to remember that CeeDee Lamb is also in a similar situation wanting a big paycheck.

Now, another controversy has sparked for one of the most important franchises in the NFL. Malik Hooker called out Parsons for dedicating more attention to his podcast rather than focusing on what should happen on the field.

What happened with Micah Parsons and Malik Hooker?

Malik Hooker had a special appearance in Keyshawn Johnson’s podcast, All Facts No Brake. The Cowboys’ safety had a severe message of criticism for his teammate.

“My advice for Micah would be just make sure we are alright. Because if we are at work and the run game is terrible, but you’re doing a podcast every week and you know the run game is terrible, then what are you really caring about? Are you caring about the crowd that was watching the podcast or are you caring about the success of out team and the Super Bowl that we are trying to reach?”

As expected, it didn’t take long for Parsons to answer on X. He posted the response on social media, but, a few minutes later, Micah decided to erase the publication.

“Just wish you said this to me, but instead on some podcast! And you got my number family Malik Hooker! And you my locker mate! So, you could have said this any day! And you do realize I shoot the podcast on our off day! I why ain’t we talking about everyone’s preparations and focus leading up to game week? I mean, I can point out a lot of other things, but I’m just not!”

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