Matteo Berrettini vs Holger Rune Prediction: The Match Will Be Hard for Both

Matteo Berrettini vs Holger Rune Prediction: The Match Will Be Hard for Both

Matteo Berrettini vs Holger Rune Prediction, Betting Tips & Odds │3 MARCH, 2023

Prediction for the ATP Acapulco Matteo Berrettini vs Holger Rune match will take place on March 3rd. Who will turn out to be stronger? Check the team conditions! Several betting options are available.

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Matteo appeared in Acapulco for the first time after the Australian Open, where he lost in the first round to Andy Murray. Berrettini played two matches in Mexico. In the first round, he did not finish the duel against Molchan, and Alex withdrew with the score 0:6, 0:1. In the second round, Berrettini beat Elias Ymer, the 170th racket in the world. The score against the Swede was 6:3, 6:3. The match lasted an hour and 36 minutes. Berrettini’s stats in that game: 3/1 aces/double faults, 84%/53% statistics of points won on serve, 36%/58% on return, 27/10 winners/unforces.

As expected, Rune did not easily cope with Borges’ resistance in the last 16 of the tournament in Acapulco. The match lasted less than an hour, and during the game, the Portuguese won only two games, losing with a score of 0:6, 2:6. Rune’s statistics in that game: 7/1 aces/doubles, 81%/60% points won on serve, 44%/88% points won on return, 18/7 winners/unforces. Holger had a high-quality match, as we can see from the Dane statistics. In the first round of the tournament in Mexico, the Scandinavian won Shelton in three games, and before that, he played many matches in Montpellier and Rotterdam.

Berrettini’s win in a personal meeting is on his side. In all other respects, the Scandinavian has the advantage. Matteo spends the first tournament after AO-2023, while Rune has since played at the Davis Cup in Montpellier and Rotterdam. Matteo’s rivals in Acapulco did not have a powerful opponent. The Italian could do better with practice. Holger has improved in skill over the year since the guys played with each other. Now, Rune represents the top 10 of the ATP ranking. The match will be hard for both, and the Dane will eventually win in three sets.

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