Las Vegas Raiders Insider Podcast on Player Contracts, Potential Cheating in the NFL, Latest NFL Implications

Las Vegas Raiders Insider Podcast on Player Contracts, Potential Cheating in the NFL, Latest NFL Implications

HENDERSON0N, Nev.—The Las Vegas Raiders’ attention is now on the NFL Training Camp, which opens in 21 days in Costa Mesa, California.1

Under the guidance of head coach Antonio Pierce, the Silver and Black have united as a team, from the coaching staff to the players. Their collective optimism and confidence are soaring, and the bar for their performance, if possible, has increased.

Our latest episode of the Las Vegas Raiders Insider Podcast features a look at player contracts and the changing way they are being negotiated, the potential of cheating in the NFL, and much more.

You can watch the entire podcast below:

Superstar DT Christian Wilkins spoke after the mandatory mini-camp, and here is a brief transcript of his comments.

Q: You have been on a lot of good teams, when you look at Adam Butler, John Jenkins, Tyree Wilson, Byron Young coming along as a young dog. Can you talk about how good is this room compared to where you’ve been? Wilkins: “We have a chance to be a really good room, and I just like the makeup of our room, we have a lot of guys who’ve had some success in this league, some guys who are starting to figure it out, and a lot of young guys who were just really young and really need to figure it out. And I like that because it’s good, we all kind of feed off each other and it’s a really cool dynamic. Us learning from old, salty vet Jenk [John Jenkins], his knowledge and the things he can pour unto us. And those young guys give us energy, you know what I mean? Because they kind of give us perspective, or remind us of how we used to be, you know what I mean? So, I like the makeup of our room. We’re all on the same page, and we’re building a good culture in there, so it’s been a lot of fun so far.”

Q: Yesterday, Maxx Crosby said that he hasn’t played with a player in a long time that’s pushed him and challenged him in the way that you have. So can you just talk about what does that mean to you? And how has he pushed you as well? Wilkins: “I was going to say I definitely second that. Maxx [Crosby] is the real deal and I see why he’s done the things he’s done in this league. Obviously, I’ve known Maxx for a long time, since college. But seeing it up close and personal each and every day, it’s like, ‘Damn, this guy doesn’t stop.’ He’s about the right stuff, and that’s good to see. So that even challenges me, just mentally, every day, like, ‘Alright, I have to bring it because I know he’s going to bring it,’ and vice versa. We kind of feed off each other there, definitely. But it’s humbling for him to say that I just love to compete and try to bring it every day myself. So, it’s good that we’re pushing each other and then pushing the team as well.”

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