K-Pop Group Dominates Top 100 US Chart With 50 Versions Of The Same…

K-Pop Group Dominates Top 100 US Chart With 50 Versions Of The Same…

A korean pop group by the name of A.C.E. have taken over the US Top 100 iTunes charts with one single song.

Ace kpop group
A.C.E. is taking over the iTunes charts. | © SWING Entertainment

K-Pop is taking over the world and while most would think that groups like BTS and Blackpink are the biggest acts that have made it internationally, but throughout the years smaller groups have also found solid footing internationally. Some groups are even more popular internationally than in their home country.

One group that has recently made a comeback is none other than SWING Entertainment’s A.C.E. who have been on hiatus due to Korea’s mandatory military service. Now they’ve come back with a new single, and it’s taking over the US iTunes charts, with 50 versions of the same song.

A.C.E. Comes Back With Insane iTunes Chart Hit

The recent hit Supernatural by A.C.E. is making the rounds in what many believe is way too much. Not only did their single receive one or two remixes, giving fans a taste of what the song could have sounded like in a different music style, but 50 of them. Yes, you read that right.

Apparently, the group asked fans about the genre they wanted to hear Supernatural in. Of course, hundreds and thousands of suggestions piled in, with the group then deciding to remix a total of 50 of them, all of which have landed the group on the iTunes top 100 Char in the USA.

So, out of 100 songs on the chart, 50 of those spots belong to A.C.E… All the spots also belong to the same song, just remixed a bunch of times.

Fans are torn, with some on Reddit stating that this many versions of the same song is too much, while others are saying that smaller groups from smaller agencies need to do these types of viral campaigns to gain recognition these days… and let’s be real if the fans suggested the remixes, then there is bound to be something for every A.C.E. fan out there which is also nice to have, right?

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