K-Dramas to watch based on your zodiac sign

K-Dramas to watch based on your zodiac sign

Aries: A fiery sign, Aries is courageous and impulsive. A fighter and defier by nature, people of this zodiac sign would love K-Dramas like Vagabond and Law School. Do add these to your favourites, Aries!

Taurus: Being an earth sign, Taureans are highly stable and loving. The Nokdu Flower and The Forbidden Marriage are some shows this sign would take time out to watch.

Gemini: Competitive to the bone. Gemini would be highly interested shows like Squid Game and My Name as they would keep them on the edge of their seats.

Cancer: Cancer enjoys affection and family. The caregiver of the zodiac, would love shows like Reply 1988 and May I Help You?

Leo: Hard-headed yet soft and passionate. That’s a Leo. Make sure to put Strong Girl Do Bong-Soon and The Bride of Hebaek on your to-be-watched lists.

Virgo: The perfectionist Virgo would love a romance that is high on emotions. Uncontrollably Fond and A Korean Odessey are some emotionally romantic shows that will touch your heart, Virgos!

Libra: Libras are endeared to their relationships. Being empathetic and striving for balance, they would also love the romance in the shows Suspicious Partners and It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

Scorpio: Vincenzo and Forest of Secrets are shows based on mystery and thrillers. Such shows would interest signs like Scorpio that love a good mystery and tend to have a sense of justice like no other.

Sagittarius: A fun but intellectually adventurous sign. Love Alarm, Crash Landing On You and Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung are the ones that will satisfy you, Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Hard work and discipline are what Capricorns survive on. But they also love a tinge of humour in their lives. Shows like Moon Lovers and Tomorrow With You

Aquarius: A mentally and physically active sign, Aquarius loves the imaginative world they create in their minds. Fantastical shows with a pinch of realism would be perfect for them. Doom At Your Service and The King: Eternal Monarch are shows you should definitely watch.

Pisces: The dreamiest and most romantic sign of them all. This sign is as deep as their thoughts and therefore, something with meaning for them would interest them more. She Would Never Know and Forecasting Love and Weather are shows that may pique your interest.

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