Jazz Draft Outlook: NBA Lottery Just Around the Corner

Jazz Draft Outlook: NBA Lottery Just Around the Corner

The NBA draft lottery is just around the corner, with Utah Jazz fans hoping the ping-pong balls will bounce in their direction. In just one week (May 12), representatives from the 14 lottery teams will meet in Chicago and find out where they’ll be picking in the NBA draft on June 27

So, what does this mean moving forward? The Jazz will have a 6% chance of getting the No. 1 selection and a 26.2% of landing in the top four. The most likely scenario is to stay at eight at 34.1%. Also, there’s a possibility that Utah regresses. There’s a 32.1% shot they’ll get the ninth pick and a 6.7% chance for number 10.

Also, although a long shot, it’s still possible the Jazz could convey their first selection to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The pick is top-10 protected, and there’s a .4% chance the Jazz could land in the eleven spot.

In an effort to discourage teams from tanking, the NBA changed the odds regarding the top selections in 2019. Before the change, the last-place franchise had a 25% chance of receiving the No.1 pick, while the second and third were at 19.9% and 15.6%, respectively. Under the current rules, the bottom two franchises both receive a 14% of getting the No. 1 pick.

However, thanks to the change, the Jazz have a better shot of landing in the top 4. Under the old system, Utah would have a 2.8% chance of getting the No. 1 pick and a 9.9% chance of landing in the top three.

The Jazz could use a shot in the arm following what transpired post-trade deadline this year. After deadline deals, the Jazz boasted the worst record in the NBA. Plenty of needs can be addressed, but drafting a player who can help Utah on the defensive side of the court should be at the top of the list. Utah’s had the worst defensive rating in the league, and that had much more to do with their backcourt than their frontcourt. Some names linked to Utah in recent mock drafts are Stephen Castle, Reed Sheppard, and Dalton Knecht.

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