Japan Dominates US Football Team Despite Only 12 NFL Players Ever Born In The Country

Japan Dominates US Football Team Despite Only 12 NFL Players Ever Born In The Country

The International Federation of American Football is currently making waves ahead of the upcoming NFL season, following a match between Japan and the USA when the Americans lost in American football to the Japanese! The Japan National American Football Team stunned everyone with their dominating performance over the U-20 football team of the USA in the IFAF World Championships winning 41-20 to reach their first-ever gold medal match. 

Teams all around the world are taking part in the competition to qualify for the U20 World Championships final and the USA is not among the countries to go through anymore. 

Japan stuns USA to reach their first-ever gold medal match 

Japan is in their first-ever gold medal match after the team completely overthrew the U20 USA football team by 41-20 in the IFAF U20 World Junior Championships at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. Not to forget that the winning country has only produced 12 NFL players ever, as per reports. 

The Americans were already down to 20-0 in the first quarter while getting thrashed by the opposing side the whole time. Following the incredible result against the two-time champions, Japan will now play for the IFAF U20 World Junior Championship gold medal for the first time.

All thanks to their dominating defence in the first half, the Japanese players limited the much-experienced opponents to seven points which helped them end the first half in an unassailable 20-7 lead. 


Fans and their hilarious reactions following the USA team’s embarrassing loss to Japan 

It took no time for the United States fans to gather together on social media and express what they felt. Some of them didn’t even know that they had a national football team. The result has invited a meme fest for the fans with hilarious replies showing off their disappointment. 

In fact, the result is just too much for the fans as to how the American team can lose American football to Japan. One user on the internet wrote, “Today I learned we have a US national football team.” 

Another wrote, “Losing to Japan 41-20 is so embarrassing.”

A look at another hilarious reaction by a user who is now afraid to face his Asian homies, “This is sad. My Asian homies are gonna cook me for this shit.”

A user to hilariously defend the losing side, wrote, “That is not a legit USA team. Just grabbed a few people and gave them a jersey lol. The true talent isn’t eligible to play.” 

Another disappointed fan who cannot take the loss at his own sport, “Simply got cooked at our own sport. Bring in the NFL players now!!!”

Last but not least, “The worst thing to ever happen between US and Japan no question.” 


Here’s a bonus reaction for you all, a user said, “NFL and college players aren’t allowed. Japan should be grateful.”

While it’s over for the USA side, Japan will face either Austria or Canada on Sunday as they fight for the gold medal. The American team will, on the other hand, face the losing team to win a bronze medal. 

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