Is Anthony Edwards Team USA’s Top Scorer? Power Ranking Potential No. 1 Options

Is Anthony Edwards Team USA’s Top Scorer? Power Ranking Potential No. 1 Options

Devin Booker

Devin BookerMercedes Oliver/NBAE via Getty Images

Before we get to the top five, it’s worth mentioning a handful of dynamic scorers who’d lead plenty of NBA teams in scoring, but probably don’t quite have the stature or attitude necessary to ascend above the rest of this particular roster.

Devin Booker has a 70-point performance in his past and has averaged 27.2 points per game over the last three seasons, but a lot of his production comes as an on-ball creator. On a team with LeBron and point guards like Curry and Tyrese Haliburton, Booker isn’t likely to get the volume of shots necessary to lead this team in scoring.

Anthony Davis is a superstar as well, but he’s in a 1A-1B situation on his own NBA team, much less Team USA. On a roster with as many players who can create from scratch as this one, AD’s defense is going to be a lot more valuable than his scoring.

Then there’s Kawhi Leonard, who has a knack for elevating his game, including his scoring, in high-leverage situations. It’s easy to imagine him playing a relatively low-minute role on Team USA, though. He just missed the tail end of the Los Angeles Clippers’ postseason run with a right knee injury, and his injury history suggests the coaching staff should be cautious with him.

And finally, there’s Jayson Tatum. He’s coming off the first title of his career, but the Boston Celtics broke through as a team, and Tatum’s willingness to defer was critical. On a squad with as many superstar scorers as Team USA, Tatum isn’t likely to assert himself to the degree necessary to lead it in scoring.

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