Historic horse racing gallops at a Derby pace – but is it a Trojan Horse?

Historic horse racing gallops at a Derby pace – but is it a Trojan Horse?

On a midweek summer afternoon, Kaitlynn Courchesne struck gold at Aces & Eights Casino. She won $3,500 in 15 minutes playing Monkey Blessings International, a new historic horse racing slot machine.

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A bettor selects race finishers on an HHR machine at the Aces & Eights Casino.

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HHR graphics

A graphic from a historic horse racing machine at the Aces & Eights Casino in Hampton Beach. The machines are almost identical to conventional slot machines, except that winning numbers are generated from a random horse race from the past. Players can bet the machine’s automatic pick or can select a winner from the horses that ran in the actual race.

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Making picks

A customer plays a historical horse racing machine at the Aces & Eights Casino in Hampton.

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kAm}2D9F2 C6D:56?ED H@CCJ 23@FE H@CD6?65 4@?86DE:@? @? D=@H\>@G:?8 >2== 2446DD C@25D E92E 2=C625J D6CG6 D9@AA6CD 2?5 4@>>FE6CD 7C@> EH@ DE2E6D]k^Am

kAm$@>6 2C6 4@?46C?65 23@FE E96 :?4C62D65 56>2?5 7@C 6>6C86?4J D6CG:46D] }2D9F2 A@=:46 H:== ?@E 36 23=6 E@ C6DA@?5 E@ :?4:56?ED E92E @44FC @C AFCDF6 A@E6?E:2= @776?56CD H9@ 6?E6C E96 |2DD249FD6EED D:56 @7 %96 |:?E’D A2C<:?8 =@E[ H9:49 DEC255=6D E96 DE2E6 =:?6]k^Am

kAmu@C>6C #6A] q:== ~9>[ #\}2D9F2[ H9@ =:G6D 23@FE EH@ >:=6D 7C@> E96 >2== 2?5 2 >:=6 5@H? E96 DEC66E 7C@> E96 $96C2E@?[ 9@A6D }6H w2>AD9:C6 H:== =68:D=2E6 2? @AE\:? @AE:@? 7@C 4@>>F?:E:6D H96C6 ww# 42D:?@D 2C6 AC@A@D65]k^Am

kAm“x’> ?@E @AA@D65 E@ 82>3=:?8[” 96 D2:5] “qFE D9@F=5?’E H6 92G6 925 E96 @AA@CEF?:EJ E@ G@E6 @? E9:D 2D H6 925 7@C DA@CED 36EE:?8 2?5 <6?@n”k^Am

kAm~9> E9:?<D 23@FE E96 A@=:E:42= 4=@FE E92E E96 =2C86 42D:?@ 4@CA@C2E:@?D 4@F=5 6G6?EF2==J 92G6 😕 E9:D DE2E6]k^Am

kAm“|J :?E6CAC6E2E:@? 😀 E96J’C6 8@:?8 E@ 36 23=6 E@ 3FJ 2 =@E @7 :?7=F6?46 😕 E96 {68:D=2EFC6 E9C@F89 2 H6==\7F?565 =@33J:?8 8C@FA[” 96 D2:5]k^Am

kAmq6EE:?8 E96 A2C=2Jk^Am

kAmu@C ?@H[ 492C:E23=6 82>:?8 @H?6C @A6C2E@CD D66 9:DE@C:4 9@CD6 C24:?8 2D 2 >28?6E E@ 2EEC24E >@C6 4FDE@>6CD 2?5 3F@J ?@?AC@7:ED 2E E96 D2>6 E:>6]k^Am

kAm“xE’D 2? 6=64EC@?:4 82>6[” D2:5 #:4< }6H>2?[ 9625 =@33J:DE 7@C E96 DE2E6’D 492C:E23=6 82>:?8 :?5FDECJ] “!6@A=6 H9@ =:<6 E@ 82>3=6 >2J H2?E 2? 6=64EC@?:4 82>6]”k^Am

kAm}@H[ :?DE625 @7 EC2G6=:?8 E@ t?4@C6 q@DE@? w2C3@C[ u@IH@@5D 😕 r@??64E:4FE @C ~I7@C5 r2D:?@ 😕 |2:?6[ “%96J 42? 8@ E@ 2?J @?6 @7 E96 =@42E:@?D 😕 }6H w2>AD9:C6” 7@C 2 G:56@ 82>:?8 6IA6C:6?46[ }6H>2? D2:5]k^Am

Bright graphics

Bright graphics evoke video games on historic horse racing machines.

kAmp?28?@DE[ H9@D6 42D:?@ =@42E:@?D 😕 z66?6[ |2?496DE6C[ s@G6C 2?5 {632?@? 92G6 2 4@>3:?65 d__ 9:DE@C:4 9@CD6 C24:?8 >249:?6D[ D2:5 ww# 92D DF3DE2?E:2==J 3@@DE65 9:D 82>:?8 :?4@>6 2?5 3C@256?65 E96 4FDE@>6C 32D6]k^Am

kAmx?5FDECJ C6D62C49 D9@HD E96 2G6C286 ww# A=2J6C 😀 76>2=6[ 36EH66? bg 2?5 fa[ 244@C5:?8 E@ p?28?@DE]k^Am

kAm“}@H H6 92G6 52E6 ?:89E 3642FD6 J@F 42? 4@>6 H:E9 J@FC DA@FD6 — >6? E@ A=2J 42C5D[ H@>6? E@ A=2J E96 >249:?6D[” D2:5 p?28?@DE[ H9@ 92D A=2?D 7@C 42D:?@D 😕 q6C=:? 2?5 }@CE9 r@?H2J]k^Am

kAm!6@A=6 😕 E96:C a_D 2?5 b_D 2=D@ 2C6 A2CE:4:A2E:?8 😕 9:896C ?F>36CD[ 96 D2:5[ 5C2H? E@ 6=64EC@?:4 82>3=:?8 2D 2? @77D9@@E @7 2? 6=64EC@?:4 H2J @7 =:76]k^Am

kAm#2:D:?8 E96 DE2<6Dk^Am

kAmp46D U2>Aj t:89ED 😕 w2>AE@? q6249 FD65 E@ 36 @A6? 7C@> |2J E@ $6AE6>36C] }@H E96 DE@C67C@?E 42D:?@[ EF4<65 36EH66? 2 4:82C D9@A 2?5 2 D627@@5 32C[ 😀 @A6? J62C\C@F?5]k^Am

kAm{2DE >@?E9[ A@<6C E23=6D 2CC:G65 E@ 4C62E6 2 4=F3 7@C 4@>>FE6CD 2?5 =@42=D[ ;@:?:?8 E96 3=24<;24< 2?5 C@F=6EE6 E23=6D E92E 92G6 366? @? D:E6 D:?46 E96 82>:?8 A2C=@C @A6?65 D6G6? J62CD 28@]k^Am

kAm{FA@=:[ H9@D6 9@DA:E2=:EJ 9@=5:?8D 3682? 😕 a__c H:E9 $2=’D !:KK2 😕 $2=6>[ 9@A6D ?6IE J62C E@ 255 2 D64@?5 7=@@C H:E9 2 H2== @7 H:?5@HD 724:?8 E96 H2G6D[ 6=682?E 5:?:?8[ =:G6 >FD:4 2?5 d_ E@ `__ >@C6 9:DE@C:4 9@CD6 C24:?8 >249:?6D]k^Am

kAm“(6 E9:?< 23@FE 9@H >F49 >@?6J H6 42? AC@G:56 E@ 492C:E23=6 @C82?:K2E:@?D 😕 }6H w2>AD9:C6] w@A67F==J 3J ?6IE DF>>6C H6’== 92G6 `_[___ DBF2C6 766E @A6? 3J |6>@C:2= s2J[ H:E9 2 `g_\568C66 G:6H @7 E96 @462?] !6@A=6 H:== H2?E E@ 4@>6[” 96 D2:5]k^Am

kAm“%96J’== H2?E E@ 6IA6C:6?46 :E[ 7@C DFC6]”k^Am

kAmk6>mk2 9C67lQ>2:=E@iC32<6CoF?:@?=6256C]4@>Q E2C86ElQ03=2?<QmC32<6CoF?:@?=6256C]4@>k^2mk^6>mk^Am

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