Highlights: New Orleans Pelicans 129-93 Sacramento Kings in NBA | 11/20/2023

Highlights: New Orleans Pelicans 129-93 Sacramento Kings in NBA | 11/20/2023

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10:22 PM13 hours ago

Pelicans remain 29 points away.

10:13 PM14 hours ago

Kings tries to react, but remains distant.

10:13 PM14 hours ago

Pelicans remain ahead with a huge advantage.

9:48 PM14 hours ago

Pelicans manage the game.

9:47 PM14 hours ago

Pelicans open 30 points. Biggest advantage in the game.

9:33 PM14 hours ago

Pelicans up 17 points.

9:15 PM15 hours ago

Pelicans return to the top and open seven points.

9:15 PM15 hours ago

Kings takes the lead.

8:49 PM15 hours ago

Game tied at 37 points.

8:41 PM15 hours ago

Kings are one point behind.

8:41 PM15 hours ago

Game is balanced.

8:41 PM15 hours ago

Pelicans open eight points.

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11:34 PM2 days ago

The Sacramento Kings have a mixed bag of performance in team statistics this season. Offensively, they are 22nd; in points per game, with an average of 106 points, and in 19th place in points per game, with an average of 106 points. place in the shooting percentage, with 46.4%. However, they face challenges at the free throw line, ranking 27th in the world. place, with 72.8%. Defensively, they are in 26th place. place in rebounds per game, with 40.3, but they stand out in protecting ball possession, ranking 9th in terms of rebounds per game. place in turnovers per game, with just 12.3. In relation to the ratio of assists to turnovers, they rank 3rd in the world. place, with a solid 2.1 ratio. Despite being in 23rd; place in blocks, with 4.3 per game, and 12th; He ranks highest in ball steals, with 7.8 per game, his efficiency in managing ball possession is outstanding. a strong point, contributing to the team’s competitiveness.

11:29 PM2 days ago

De’Aaron Fox leads the Sacramento Kings in scoring, averaging 32.2 points per game this season, followed by Domantas Sabonis with 19.8 and Malik Monk with 13.7. In total rebounds, Sabonis leads with an average of 12.9, while Keegan Murray is second to none. to ahead on average per game, with 6.7. Sabonis also leads in assists, with 7.3 per game, with Fox right behind, with 6.0. Fox stands out in steals, with 1.7 per game, while Sabonis leads in blocks, with 1.0. In field goal percentage, Alex Len leads with 75.0%, followed by JaVale McGee with 67.5%, and Sabonis with 60.9%. Fox maintains a solid percentage of 50.7%. The Kings count on Fox’s leadership and Sabonis’ versatility in various statistics to boost their performance.

11:24 PM2 days ago

The New Orleans Pelicans have an average performance in several statistics this season. Offensively, they occupy 13th place. place in points per game, with an average of 112 points, and 14th in the rankings. takes place in three-point shooting percentage, with 36.4%. However, they face difficulties at the free-throw line, occupying 26th place. place, with 73.4%. Defensively, they are in 11th place. place in rebounds per game, with 43.5, but in 19th place. place in blocks, with 4.6 per game, and 14th; place in steals, with 7.7 per game. In terms of assists per game, they rank 16th in terms of assists per game. place, with an average of 24.8, but maintains a good ratio of assists to turnovers, ranking 16th in the world. place in this aspect, with 1.8 ratio. The team seeks consistency, especially improving its free throw efficiency and increasing its defensive presence in rebounds and blocks.

11:19 PM2 days ago

This season, Brandon Ingram leads in points scored, with an average of 23.4 per game, followed by Zion Williamson with 21.8 and CJ McCollum with 21.7. In total rebounds, Jonas Valanciunas is the highest. to is ahead, with an average of 8.4, while Zion leads in average per game, with 6.3. CJ McCollum leads in assists, with 5.7 per game, and Brandon Ingram follows close behind, with 5.2. Herbert Jones and Dyson Daniels lead in steals, both with 2.1 per game. In blocking, Jonas Valanciunas and Herbert Jones have an average of 1.6. Naji Marshall leads the field in field goal percentage with 59.1%, followed by Jeremiah Robinson-Earl with 57.1%. Valanciunas and Williamson also maintain high percentages, with 53.4% and 52.4%, respectively, demonstrating shooting efficiency.

11:14 PM2 days ago

Na Divisão do Pacífico da NBA, o Sacramento lidera com 8 vitórias e 4 derrotas, mantendo uma forte porcentagem de vitórias de .667. O Los Angeles Lakers está em segundo lugar, com 7 vitórias e 6 derrotas, a 1.5 jogos de distância. Phoenix segue em terceiro, com 6 vitórias e 6 derrotas, enquanto o Golden State está em quarto, com 6 vitórias e 8 derrotas. O LA Clippers fecha a tabela, com 4 vitórias e 7 derrotas. O Sacramento está liderando a divisão, mas o Lakers e o Phoenix estão próximos, prometendo uma competição acirrada pelo topo.

11:09 PM2 days ago

In the NBA Southwest Division, Dallas leads with 9 wins and 5 losses, maintaining a solid .643 winning percentage. Houston remains in second, with 6 wins and 4 losses, just one game difference. New Orleans is here. in third, with 6 wins and 7 losses, 2.5 games behind the leader. Memphis and San Antonio are tied, both with 3 wins and 10 losses, 5.5 games behind first place. Competition in the division is tough. close, with Dallas and Houston ahead, while Memphis and San Antonio seek to improve their performance.

11:04 PM2 days ago

The New Orleans Pelicans vs Sacramento Kings game will be played at Smoothie King Center, with a capacity of 20.000 people.

10:59 PM2 days ago

My name is Thomas Alencar and I will be your host for this game. We will provide pre-match analysis, score updates and news as it happens live here on VAVEL.

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