Greenville in top 5 of US News & World Report’s Best Places to Live in US: What to know

Greenville in top 5 of US News & World Report’s Best Places to Live in US: What to know


Once upon a time, the city of Greenville was a hidden gem, treasured by locals for its picturesque downtown and affordable cost of livability.

Now, it is being recognized as one of the nation’s top hotspots.

The U.S. News & World Report’s Best Places to Live in the U.S. in 2024-2025 list placed Greenville in the top 10. What’s most impressive is the city’s ranking at No. 4, beating out most of 150 major cities across the country.

How did the report determine Greenville’s ranking? And what other places made it in the Top 25? Here are the details.

What does US News & World Report say about Greenville?

The report listed the following information regarding Greenville:

∎ Population: 77,387

∎ Median Home Price: $393,809

∎ Median Household Income: $76,193

In the report, Greenville was described like the setting of a “Hallmark movie.” The city’s binding of civilization and nature was also mentioned, drawing tourists from all over to the area every year. Greenville has the third-highest concentration of restaurants and bars per capita in the report’s analysis, but what really makes it “shine” is its job market and overall quality of life.

How did US News & World Report determine its findings?

Through an analysis, the report ranked 150 major cities based on the best combination of cost of living, desirability, jobs, quality of life, and more. A survey was also used to determine rankings. In the survey, 3,000 individuals in the U.S. were asked what matters the most to them when choosing a place to call home. This year’s survey showed that there was increased interest in the cost of living and the job market. It is important to note that this year, the report shifted from the use of metro-based data to city-based data, resulting in more cities from the Midwest and South making it into the top 25.

US News & World Report Best Places to Live in the US

∎ No. 1: Naples, Florida

∎ No. 2: Boise, Idaho

∎ No. 3: Colorado Springs, Colorado

∎ No. 4: Greenville, South Carolina

∎ No. 5: Charlotte, North Carolina

∎ No. 6: Raleigh, North Carolina

∎ No. 7: Huntsville, Alabama

∎ No. 8: Virginia Beach, Virginia

∎ No. 9: Austin, Texas

∎ No. 10: Boulder, Colorado

∎ No. 11: Sarasota, Florida

∎ No. 12: Green Bay, Wisconsin

∎ No. 13: Charleston, South Carolina

∎ No. 14: Madison, Wisconsin

∎ No. 15: Lexington, Kentucky

∎ No. 16: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

∎ No. 17: Asheville, North Carolina

∎ No. 18: Omaha, Nebraska

∎ No. 19: Anna Arbor, Michigan

∎ No. 20: Fort Wayne, Indiana

∎ No. 21: Fayetteville, Arkansas

∎ No. 22: San Francisco, California

∎ No. 23: Greensboro, North Carolina

∎ No. 24: Lincoln, Nebraska

∎ No. 25: South Bend, Indiana

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