Get Ready for the Solar Eclipse in Aries to Change You

Get Ready for the Solar Eclipse in Aries to Change You

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By now, you’ve probably heard about the massive solar eclipse that’s moving across the United States on April 8. (Smack in the middle of Mercury retrograde!) On Monday afternoon, along the path of totality — stretching from Texas through Maine — day will temporarily become night as the moon blocks the sun. This, of course, is a major deal astronomically … but what does it mean astrologically? What does it signify, and who’s going to be affected? Read on for everything you need to know about this upcoming solar eclipse.

As you already know, the moon spins around the Earth, moving through eight distinctive phases across its 29.5-day orbit. But did you also know that the moon’s orbital axis (its “ecliptic plane”) is actually on a tilt? So as the moon moves across its orbit — and up and down on its tilt — it moves from lower to higher and back again. The top and bottom points of the moon’s ecliptic plane are referred to as the “lunar nodes,” or — in astrological terminology — the North and South Nodes.

The North and South Nodes are powerful placement. The South Node corresponds with past life, spiritual baggage, and the innate gifts we brought into this lifetime. The North Node, by contrast, is the lessons your soul needs to acquire. It reveals the passions, talents, and growth you need to harness in order to reach your full potential. And collectively, these two points — the North and South Nodes — are linked to destiny.

How does this relate to the eclipses? Well, my friend, in order for an eclipse to take place, the sun and moon need to sync up with the North and South Node. At these points, the sun, moon, and Earth meet in perfect alignment, forming either lunar eclipses (also known as “blood moons,” when the moon reflects the dark shadow of the earth, corresponding with full moons) or solar eclipses (when the moon blocks the sun, corresponding with new moons). It’s also important to note that eclipses always travel in pairs — the lunar eclipse we experienced two weeks ago was a precursor to the April 8 solar eclipse. So when we refer to an “eclipse season,” it’s during a moment of back-to-back eclipses, when everything that takes place is fated, destined, and extremely karmically important.

You know, casual things!

For literally thousands of years, eclipses have portended large-scale metamorphosis, status-quo shake-downs, shifts in authority and power, and collective transformation. In fact, both ancient and modern astrologers believe that eclipses have the power to change the course of history — that events that coincide with eclipses are literally written in the stars. No big deal!

When it comes to the lasting power and implications of eclipses, hindsight is always 20/20. But from an astrological perspective, we know that — thanks to the North and South Node activation — eclipses will certainly catalyze major endings, beginnings, and notable transitions in our lives.

On the afternoon of Monday, April 8, the solar eclipse will journey across the United States (check out for times, viewing locations, and tips). This eclipse is a total solar eclipse, which means the moon will cover the sun and those on the path of totality will experience a complete daytime blackout. Wild! Oh, and this is the last total solar eclipse to cross the United States until 2044.

Astrologically, this solar eclipse is taking place at 19º Aries. Eclipses are part of zodiacal series that take approximately two years to unfold. Likewise, this upcoming solar eclipse is the fourth lunation of a six-part series on the Aries-Libra axis (earlier eclipses occurred on April 20, 2023; October 14, 2023; and March 25, 2024, and future eclipses in the series will take place on October 2, 2024, and March 29, 2025). Eclipse stories unfold over time, so I recommend looking back to the previous dates of this eclipse series to see what events synced up with those powerful cosmic happenings.

Since Aries — the first sign of the zodiac — is all about “me,” themes relating to autonomy, identity, and freedom will be front and center during this upcoming eclipse. Aries symbolizes passion and courage, boasting fierce confidence and trailblazing ingenuity. Accordingly, this eclipse is inviting us to tap into our inner strength and fortitude. What do we really want, and how will we achieve our goals? And, just as the moon blocks the sun during a solar eclipse, we’ll glean insight into whatever is standing in our way. Whether we’re being held back by unfulfilling relationships, shitty jobs, or even the limitations of our physical location, this solar eclipse will illuminate whatever is stifling potential and hindering our truth.

Another thing to note about this upcoming solar eclipse is that it’s making an exact conjunction to Chiron, the comet we lovingly refer to as the “wounded healer.” Chiron exposes our deepest emotional scars and teaches us how we can transform pain into power. So with Chiron involved in this upcoming solar eclipse, it’s clear that this solar eclipse has major healing potential, but — in order to access the full potential of our destiny — we can’t be afraid to face our fears.

While folks with planets or points in Aries may feel this a bit more acutely, everyone will be impacted by this solar eclipse. (Check your birth chart to see which zodiac house Aries occupies; that’s the area in your life where you’ll feel the eclipse most.) Remember, eclipses catalyze major change on both individual and collective levels — these major cosmic occurrences spare no one!

Eclipses are known to speed up time by perpetuating the inevitable. In other words, whatever was going to happen eventually (i.e., breaking up, moving to a new city, starting a different career path) will be expedited during an eclipse. Don’t be surprised if major life-changing milestones (and all the corresponding drama!) are piling up right now: Eclipse-season chaos is a very real phenomenon.

So grab your eclipse glasses (please don’t look directly at the sun, thank you) and get ready for this powerful cosmic event that is guaranteed to change your life! Remember that the universe has a funny way of communicating; even if it feels like things are falling apart, trust that they’re actually just rearranging in a better, more sustainable way. Somehow, everything is working out exactly as it should. Happy solar eclipse!

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