Dance team teams up with NN cheerleaders for big NBA performance

Dance team teams up with NN cheerleaders for big NBA performance

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — It’s one thing to be watching an NBA game.

But imagine being under the lights—and on the court—of one.

Coach Shameka Fennell is a dance teacher in Newport News. Each week she teaches choreography to three different age groups.

Recently, she’s given them the opportunity of a lifetime—the chance to perform at the Cavaliers NBA halftime game in Ohio.

“It was amazing for these kids to see Lebron James in person and other famous players. It was an experience because there are a lot of people who don’t get a chance to leave often Virginia.

Following last week’s halftime show, the dancers are already gearing up for their next NBA adventure with the school spirit of Warwick High School.

Next month, the Warwick High School Cheerleaders will be going from their home court in Newport News to an NBA court in North Carolina

With each big out-of-state performance, Coach Meka will team up with different dance groups in Newport News, giving other students a chance to be seen on the big screen of a major basketball game.

“I think it’s the right thing to do, to have other teams to experience what we experienced,” said Fennell.

Coach Shana Knight of the Warwick High School Cheer team says this experience shows her girls that a world of possibility exists outside the state.

“There are different places that cheer can take you and that you can take yourself as a person,” said Knight. “I hope it takes them places when they graduate from high school,”

Coach Meka says it’s important for kids to care about something and be motivated to succeed.

“If they’re in practice or they are around coaches that motivate them, they have no time to be in the streets and think negatively,” said Fennell.

According to the Education Fund to Stop Gun Violence, from 2010 to 2019, the child and teen firearm death rate increased by 55% in Virginia

Coach Meka says youth violence in Newport News is a cycle she’s trying to break, but neither she nor Coach Knight can do it alone.

“I do this for the kids, but we would love to have more of the 757 support. It takes a village to support a child,” said Fennell.

The big performance for this group of Hampton Roads dancers is Jan. 19. That night the Charlotte Hornets will take on the San Antonio Spurs. The group will perform at halftime, and if you’d like to learn more about their performance you reach out to Coach Meka by clicking the link, here.

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