Cowboys’ fans react on social media to Ezekiel Elliott’s return to Dallas

Cowboys’ fans react on social media to Ezekiel Elliott’s return to Dallas

Ezekiel Elliott will once again be part of the Lone Star. The running back has returned with the Dallas Cowboys, and the team’s fans have reacted on social media to the news.

Ezekiel Elliott, running back of the Dallas Cowboys
© Sam Hodde/Getty ImagesEzekiel Elliott, running back of the Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are welcoming back a very familiar face. The NFC East team has signed Ezekiel Elliott for the 2024 NFL season, and the team’s fans wasted no time reacting to the news on social media.

Ezekiel Elliott has returned home. The running back has agreed to terms with the Cowboys for a new deal that will keep him with the Lone Star club for the upcoming campaign, adding more firepower to Dak Prescott’s offense.

Last offseason, the Cowboys decided to part ways with Zeke, who played the last campaign with the Patriots. However, he was eager to return to Dallas, and fans are loving this move by the team’s front office.

Fans react on social media to the Cowboys reuniting with Ezekiel Elliott

A year after parting ways with Ezekiel Elliott, the Cowboys have decided to bring him back for the 2024 season. Dallas was eager to hire a running back, and Zeke’s experience was the right answer for them.

The Cowboys offered Elliott a surprising 1-year, $3 million deal to play the upcoming campaign. Despite expectations, the team opted not to draft a running back this year, leading to anticipation that they would sign a player in free agency.

On social media, fans immediately reacted to the news. While some expressed high anticipation for this move, others voiced concerns, believing that the Cowboys are making a significant mistake by signing Elliott once again.

On the Cowboys’ official Reddit page, fans engaged in discussions about Zeke’s arrival. While some users defended him, citing his strong partnership with Dak Prescott in recent years, others expressed doubt, suggesting that he may not be the running back capable of leading them to success.

Ezekiel Elliott – Dallas Cowboys – NFL 2022

“No on longer in his prime, thus the cheap 1-year deal,” Reddit user @Dday22t posted. “But I suspect discount Zeke is still better than most RBs on Cowboys now.”

Did Dak Prescott say something about Ezekiel Elliott’s return?

NFL Media first reported the news about Ezekiel Elliott’s arrival to the Dallas Cowboys. The move surprised everyone, but surprisingly, it didn’t elicit any immediate reaction from Dak Prescott.

Neither on X, formerly known as Twitter, nor Instagram did the quarterback of the Cowboys react to the news about Zeke returning to Dallas. The move has not been made official yet by the team, and perhaps Dak will send a message to his once again teammate once the announcement is official.

SURVEY Will Ezekiel Elliott retire with the Dallas Cowboys?

Will Ezekiel Elliott retire with the Dallas Cowboys?


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