Clockenflap 2023: Tatler talks to 8 Hong Kong acts performing this weekend

Clockenflap 2023: Tatler talks to 8 Hong Kong acts performing this weekend


Genre: Jazz, soul, R&B

When: Friday 3 March, 6:45pm

Where: Park Stage 

You played at Wonderfruit in December 2022, what are you looking forward to about performing at Clockenflap?

After three years of playing purely local shows, Wonderfruit was a valuable international experience for us. We’re looking forward to connecting with our home audience here in Hong Kong on a larger scale at Clockenflap, and performing amongst other international acts.

What song are you the most excited to perform and why?

Moonlight is an upcoming single we are working on ahead of a full project release, we’re also excited to revisit new arrangements of originals we haven’t played in some time, including tracks from our recorded Clockenflap Music live set from 2020. 

Who do you want to meet backstage?

This year’s lineup really speaks to our jazz, hip hop, R&B, and reggae roots. We would be honoured to meet Ezra Collective, FKJ, Wu Tang Clan and Sister Nancy after their sets!

Luna & The Bosin

Genre: Hip hop, rap

When: Friday 3 March, 6pm

Where: Harbourflap Stage

You’re usually known as “Luna Is A Bep”, what brought about “Luna & The Bosin”, and what will you bring to the stage with this new group?

Luna & The Bosin is basically the live performance band [for me as] Luna Is A Bep, and they’ve [contributed to my music and production as] Luna Is A Bep. For example, overthinking from my latest album was arranged by The Bosin. For their involvement I would like to present ourselves as a group from now on—[instead of] “Luna Is A Bep… plus some unknown band mates”, as they’re all very much talented and devoted! [In terms of what we’ll be bringing to the] stage, I might say as groovy as possible.

How does it feel to represent the Cantonese rap scene on such an international stage?

It will definitely be an interesting experience. During rehearsals I always have a little fear that most of the audience [will not] understand me [because many at Clockenflap are non-Cantonese speakers]. Yet with past experiences, the love from foreign audiences doesn’t [rely on] their understanding of the lyrics, but the vibe and energy that we bring to the stage.

Who do you want to meet backstage?

I don’t know, I’m such an introvert! It’s so hard to pick, but I’d go for FKJ and Lücy.

Mr Koo

Genre: Indie, beach rock

When: Saturday 4 March, 2pm

Where: Park Stage

Having grown up attending Clockenflap, how does it feel now to be performing there?

It feels like it was meant to be.

Which songs from your latest EP are you looking forward to playing?

I Need Ya, New Normal and Surreal.

Who do you want to meet backstage?

Summer Salt and Men I Trust!

DJ Mengzy

Genre: UK techno, electro, bass, acid house

When: Saturday 4 March, 6:15pm

Where: Robot Stage

This will be your second time performing at Clockenflap—what are you looking forward to most?

The energy of the crowd! I’ve been told that this is the first time that Clockenflap has ever sold out, and after a four-year hiatus, [I imagine] people are dying to have this communal experience again. I just hope I can meet their energy and give them a good time, because I know we all deserve it.

Can you give us a sneak peek of what you’ll be wearing on stage?

I’ve already given a lot of thought to what I’m going to wear, and I’m really happy to be collaborating with a friend of mine, Nicole Law, who runs her own jewellery line called Fierce. We’re collaborating on a custom body chain that’s going over this pink, sequinned halter dress. It’ll be very reflective and shiny on stage, with a little bit of the drama with the chains.

Who do you want to meet backstage?

I’m just stoked to have our flagship festival back up and running in Hong Kong, so I want to see my fellow local musicians backstage and give everyone a big hug.

南洋派對 N.Y.P.D.

Genre: Indie rock

When: Saturday 4 March, 9:45pm

Where: Park Stage

As people who grew up in Hong Kong, how does it feel to perform at Clockenflap?

Wish we were performing at West Kowloon [a former location of Clockenflap], but it is what it is.

What song are you the most excited to play and why?

We don’t discriminate. All songs!

Who do you want to meet backstage?

I want to steal Alex Turner’s shirt.

Yeti Out & Friends

Genre: Electro, house, garage, hip hop

When: Sunday 5 March, 6pm

Where: Robot Stage

What has been your biggest challenge in preparing for your performance?

Logistics, working with artist tour dates, and making sure everyone is aligned and ready for that slot given other commitments. 

What differences are you expecting between crowds at Clockenflap compare to the ones you play for at clubs and more private settings?  

Clockenflap will have a more public crowd, so we’ll keep things fun and bubbly. Each party setting is different—club, warehouse, outdoor parties… so [how we programme and curate the music] will always pivot. 

Who do you want to meet backstage?

[We’re just looking forward to having] fun with the crew and friends who’ve been part of the journey.


Genre: Hip hop, drum and bass, jungle

When: Sunday 5 March, 8:15pm

Where: Electriq Stage

What differences are you expecting between the Clockenflap crowd compared to the club crowds that you’re used to, and how will you adapt your set to suit a festival setting?

I’ll be playing a wide range of drums and bass that appeals to old and new heads [in the scene]. I think the age range will probably be wider at a festival compared to at a club, especially with Wu Tang Clan being a headlining act, so I’ll also be playing some of the jungle tunes that were popular around the same period they first gained popularity. 

You’re a big fan of 90s hip hop, including Wu Tang Clan. What would you do if they watched your performance?

I’d probably just block out that they are there and hope they don’t put me off my game. 

Who else do you want to meet backstage?

Other than Wu Tang Clan, the group I’d most like to meet is Ezra Collective as I’ve been a fan for a while. But to be honest, backstage is probably the most boring place at any festival—it’s highly overrated. The best thing about backstage is that the toilets are usually cleaner.

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