Celebrate Pinnacle’s 25-year anniversary: Opt in to the Silver Stakes Basketball competition

Celebrate Pinnacle’s 25-year anniversary: Opt in to the Silver Stakes Basketball competition

Join the celebration with Silver Stakes Basketball

With our thrilling Silver Stakes Soccer and Esports leaderboard competitions now complete, it is time to continue the celebrations by opting in to Pinnacle’s Silver Stakes Basketball Leaderboard.

Starting on November 20, players can opt in to the Silver Stakes Basketball leaderboard and start accumulating points on NBA basketball games played between November 27 and December 11.

The prize for finishing on top of the Silver Stakes Basketball Leaderboard is a $25,000 USD prize stake, to be used on an NBA game on Saturday, December 16 or Sunday, December 17.

Win Free Spins and other betting prizes with Pinnacle

All eligible players that opt in to the leaderboard and place a qualifying bet will be entered into a random draw for one of five prizes of $250 USD cash.

Players that spend at least $10 USD on settled qualifying bets will qualify for 25 Free Spins on the Pinnacle Majestic King slot game.

A maximum of $10 USD from a player’s first in-play and/or pre-game bets on any eligible basketball game will qualify for leaderboard points, with a maximum of 100 points to be generated from each bet.


Pinnacle has built its reputation on competitive odds and high limits, making it the sportsbook where the best bettors play. At Pinnacle, winners are welcome.

Pinnacle started taking bets on American football in 1998 and launched its sportsbook website in 2000, before fully transitioning to online betting in 2004. That same year, Pinnacle’s online casino went live.

In 2010, Pinnacle took the industry’s first esports bet, and by 2014, had taken more than 1,000,000 bets on esports. By early 2017, that number had increased to more than 5,000,000 esports bets.

In 2016, Pinnacle Sports transformed into Pinnacle, encompassing casino, esports, and sports betting. The award-winning Pinnacle Solution was created in 2018, offering business options for other companies in the sports betting space.

Pinnacle has grown into an industry leader by building trust within the betting community, and is seen by most players as one of the world’s most credible bookmakers.

Pinnacle is excited to bring new opportunities and competitive odds to players of all levels, so join in and enjoy all the action with Pinnacle!

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