CasinoBonusCA Latest Consumer Report: An Overview of Casino Bonus Usage in 2022

CasinoBonusCA Latest Consumer Report: An Overview of Casino Bonus Usage in 2022

TORONTO, March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CasinoBonusCA surveyed their active users to determine what casino bonuses are claimed most frequently. Let’s see the most popular casino bonuses!

Over 80% of CasinoBonusCA gamblers claim a casino bonus

Type of action

Percentage of users

Claimed a bonus

88.40 %

Did not claim a bonus

11.60 %


Most recent statistics subtracted from CasinoBonusCA’s survey evidence that over 80% of Canadian players claimed a bonus, while a percentage of just 11.6% did not. This data is up to date as of March 2023.

Casino bonuses are a tool meant to reward online players. Bonuses come in different forms, and online casinos offer them to new and loyal users to enhance their gaming experience.

Who is CasinoBonusCA?

CasinoBonusCA is an online casino bonus comparison service focused on Canadian offers.

Bonuses are indexed and compared with others according to gambling quality markers.

No deposit bonuses remain the most popular casino bonuses

Types of claimed bonuses

Percentage of users

No deposit bonuses

57.70 %

First deposit bonuses

20.20 %

Both bonuses

22.10 %


CasinoBonusCA’s data disclosed the first two most popular casino bonuses among online gamblers. More than half of the claimed bonuses were no deposit bonuses, while the next type of bonus preferred by users was first deposit bonuses.

A no deposit bonus is a casino promotion offered to new users after they sign up before making a deposit. First deposit bonuses are offered after the gamblers make their first deposit.

Categories of first deposit bonuses commonly claimed by online gamblers

Type of first deposit bonuses

Percentage of users

Minimum deposit ($1 or $5) bonuses

28.60 %

200% deposit bonuses (or higher match percentages)

16.40 %

No wagering bonuses

13.20 %

Cashback bonuses

6.10 %

Other types of bonuses

35.70 %


CasinoBonusCA’s data reveals the most common types of first bonuses claimed by online gamblers.

Most standard first deposit bonuses:

  • Minimum deposit bonus – a bonus claimed after the user deposits a minimum amount of credit.
  • 200% casino bonuses – after the player’s first deposit, the casino offers a bonus equivalent to 200% of their deposit.
  • No wagering bonuses – Players can bet without depositing real money by claiming this bonus.
  • Cashback bonuses – incentives casinos give periodically to minimise players’ losses.

Half of CasinoBonusCA’s users claim free spins bonuses

Types of no deposit bonuses

Percentage of users

No deposit cash bonuses

39.50 %

Free spins no deposit bonuses

51.50 %


CasinoBonusCA’s statistics disclose the most popular casino bonus claimed by online gamblers, free spins no deposit bonuses.

By claiming free spins no deposit bonuses, players can receive complimentary spins from the casino instead of having to deposit money.

CasinoBonusCA’s statistics on top casino bonuses

Total claims on specific bonuses

Percentage of users

Free spins no deposit bonuses

41.10 %

No deposit cash bonuses

31.52 %

Standard first deposit bonuses

15.10 %

Minimum deposit ($1 and $5) bonuses

12.10 %

200% and above bonuses

6.94 %

No wagering bonuses

5.58 %

Cashback bonuses

2.58 %


Lastly, CasinoBonusCA’s survey reveals the hierarchy of casino bonuses, from most popular to least, with free spins being the most claimed casino bonus.

CasinoBonusCA’s survey revealed intriguing facts about online gamblers’ behaviors. Most users claim bonuses before depositing, and most are drawn to specific bonuses.

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