Best No SSN Betting Sites USA (Betting Apps Without SSN)

Best No SSN Betting Sites USA (Betting Apps Without SSN)

Want to bet without giving up private information like your Social Security Number? Check out the best no SSN betting sites in the United States now.

As US gambling regulators continue to tighten the rules, people are increasingly turning to no SSN betting sites. In this article, we’ll explain why such strict identity checks exist. But we’ll also reveal how you can avoid them by using trustworthy offshore sportsbooks.

Get ready to learn what sports betting apps don’t require SSN and how you can join them.

Best No SSN Betting Sites Accepting US Residents

Before we discover more about how these offshore sportsbooks actually work, here’s a quick look at our recommendations.

These betting companies don’t require ID documents like your SSN. But they are regulated by respectable gambling authorities, ensuring a safe and secure experience. 

Top Sportsbooks That Don’t Require SSN Reviewed

Okay, it’s time to focus on our recommended no SSN betting sites in a little more detail. Check out the following reviews to learn more about each one, before making your decision about where to bet. 


BetOnline – Best Betting App Without SSN For Americans

  • Sports, lines and odds: 10/10
  • Bonuses and Promotions: 9/10
  • Payment options: 9/10
  • All-round experience: 10/10

BetOnline tops our list of recommended no SSN betting sites for a variety of reasons. First of all, it’s a highly reputable site that’s had a presence in the USA for 20 years. The company which owns this brand has been around longer still, and they really understand how to run a successful betting site. 

What’s more, BetOnline is simply the best sportsbook for major US sports like basketball and football. Few competitors can rival the depth of NBA and NFL coverage, for instance. But the odds on these games are usually the highest in the market too. Players from the United States commonly recognize BetOnline as a betting site like Bovada because of their similarity.

With a slick mobile app, responsive mobile site and one of the most user-friendly live betting consoles, the all-round experience is first class. The signup process is quick and easy, and it’s possible to receive same-day withdrawals if using cryptocurrency. Our only real complaint is the high processing fee attached to card payments.


  • Same day withdrawals when using cryptocurrency
  • Comprehensive coverage of the nation’s favorite sports
  • Consistently offering the best odds on big games


SportsBetting.AG – Best No SSN Betting Site

  • Sports, lines and odds: 10/10
  • Bonuses and Promotions: 9/10
  • Payment options: 9/10
  • All-round experience: 9/10

Operational in the United States since 1999, SportsBetting.AG is owned by the same people that run BetOnline. That explains why the look and feel is so similar, as well as the selection of cool features like odds boosters, mega parlays, and the props builder. However, we just find BetOnline slightly easier to navigate.

The selection of promotions is quite similar, with both sites offering new registrants a possible $1,000 worth of welcome bonuses. In addition, there are dozens of ongoing risk-free wagering promotions, reload bonuses, and rebate opportunities.

As one of the top betting sites without SSN requirements, the signup process is super simple. And, just like its sister site, SportsBetting.AG also offers lightning-quick payouts via 16 different cryptocurrency tokens. The maximum waiting time is 48 hours, but they’re usually turned around in less than two. 


  • Extremely simple registration process with no SSN
  • Few sportsbooks pay quicker withdrawals
  • Leading selection of sportsbook bonuses 


BetUS – Best Crypto Site Without SSN

  • Sports, lines and odds: 9/10
  • Bonuses and Promotions: 10/10
  • Payment options: 8/10
  • All-round experience: 8/10

When it comes to promotions, BetUS is top of the tree. There are no fewer than three different sportsbook welcome packages to choose from, putting you in total control of your initial betting experience. But it doesn’t end there, with an impressive selection of reload rewards, plus the chance to earn up to $6,000 in friend referrals. 

A number of these offers are linked specifically to cryptocurrency payments, which make up the bulk of the payment options at BetUS. Although we’d prefer to see a few more traditional banking methods thrown in, these digital currencies do ensure extremely fast payouts. You’ll normally receive your funds in a matter of hours.

In terms of betting lines and odds, you’ll find more than 30 different sports to choose from, with pretty in-depth coverage. Like many of our top-rated no SSN betting sites, BetUS focuses primarily on the nation’s favorites, including MLB, NBA and NFL games. But it’s possible to bet on far more niche sports, including snooker, darts, and cycling.


  • Top casino and sportsbook for welcome bonuses
  • Lucrative friend referral program 
  • A sizable selection of sports and lines


Bovada – Fastest Paying No SSN Sportsbook

  • Sports, lines and odds: 8/10
  • Bonuses and Promotions: 8/10
  • Payment options: 8/10
  • All-round experience: 9/10

Taking fourth spot in our collection of quality no SSN betting sites, we have Bovada. This is another brand that’s been around for a very long time. Although it officially launched in the US back in 2011, it’s actually a spin-off from the old Bodog brand, which dates back to 2000.

If you’re a fan of the beautiful game, you won’t find a better soccer betting site in the US. Lines are priced up quickly, the number of betting opportunities is greater than most and the odds are some of the best around. However, Bovada is also very good when it comes to traditional US team sports, as well as golf, horse racing, and games like Chumba.

In addition, Bovada is obsessed with Bitcoin, providing special bonuses and privileges to those who choose to use it. Payouts are extremely fast, usually received within a couple of hours. However, there are fewer available payment methods here than other no SSN betting sites, with six crypto tokens, card payments, and vouchers.


  • Top soccer betting sportsbook
  • Excellent site for horse racing
  • Special Bitcoin bonuses and perks

Rating Sports Betting Sites With No SSN

You’ve already seen our recommended no SSN betting sites, but how did we choose them? Our expert team considers a multitude of variables, but the following criteria are by far the most important.

Simple Registration Process

First of all, if you’re looking for the best sports betting apps that don’t require SSN, the signup process is a top priority. Nobody wants to spend ages filling out complicated forms. 

If it takes longer than just a couple of minutes to complete your registration, the site is probably demanding too much private information. Our recommended sportsbooks allow you to join in a matter of seconds. 

You’ll rarely be asked for much more than your name, date of birth and basic contact information. All of these are necessary for security reasons. But you’ll always be able to bet and withdraw winnings without ever having to share your Social Security number.

Reputable Regulator

Just because a sportsbook is based outside of the United States, it doesn’t mean it’s completely untrustworthy. Sure, it might not have a license from a US authority, such as the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement. But the best no SSN betting sites are still regulated, often gaining their licenses from some of the world’s most trusted authorities. 

The governments of Curaçao, Panama and Anjouan are much less strict on the issue of identity verification. They still keep a watchful eye on their license holders, making sure they’re properly run by honest people. But they don’t require operators to collect Social Security numbers when registering or before making a withdrawal.

Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

Speaking of withdrawals, that’s another top priority when selecting good sports betting apps without SSN requirements. The lack of intrusive identity checks makes the process much simpler. You won’t need to wait for days as the security team processes your submission.

Cryptocurrency is a common payment method found at betting sites that don’t require SSN. Withdrawals made through Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum are almost always handled within a maximum of 48 hours. And at the best fast paying casino sites, you’ll often get your money in one or two hours.

Still, it’s always good to see more traditional deposit and withdrawal options too, as not everyone is au fait with crypto. More choices mean greater flexibility when betting, which is never a bad thing.

Betting Lines and Odds

All of the best sportsbooks offer a wide variety of sports, covering all of the world’s most popular competitions within each category. Every game should feature a sizable selection of props, alongside the usual moneyline, spreads and totals. Good quality no SSN betting sites certainly aren’t exempt from this.

In addition, you should always be looking to get the best available odds. Why would you take a lower price, if other sites are giving better value? Make sure your chosen bookmaker is consistently offering competitive odds compared to the rest of the market. 

Bonuses and Promos

Similarly, with so many different sportsbooks out there today, there’s no reason to stay loyal to a brand that doesn’t look after you. There should always be a generous incentive to create an account, followed by a steady stream of ongoing promotions and loyalty bonuses. 

No SSN betting sites usually supply bigger welcome packages than your average US-licensed sportsbook. They also have more freedom to provide reload bonuses, free bets and other perks. 

The best examples also feature a structured loyalty program, giving you points as you place bets. These help you to earn increasingly beneficial privileges, as you rise through the ranks. You can usually trade your points in for free bets and bonuses, too.

Mobile Compatibility

In the modern world, there’s simply no excuse if a sportsbook is incompatible with portable devices. After all, everyone carries a smartphone around these days. The demand for betting on the move is bigger than ever.

The top brands pump a lot of resources into developing good-looking, fast and intuitive apps, to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. But even a responsive, mobile-first website would suffice. As long as it’s easy to use on a phone or tablet, there’s a chance it’ll make our list. 

Why Do Sportsbooks Need SSN?

Crime prevention is the main justification for sportsbooks collecting identity documents like your Social Security number.

Everyone would agree that a betting site needs to collect at least a few personal details when opening an account. Otherwise, anyone could just steal a credit card and start placing bets. 

There has to be some way to link a payment method to a customer. As such, information like your name and date of birth is essential, even at sports betting sites that don’t require SSN.

Different Regulators, Different Rules

However, some gambling sites are stricter than others, requiring more detailed security checks. That’s usually due to the authority from which they obtained their license. 

All US regulatory bodies insist that their licensees carry out what are called Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. This is partly to secure the individual player’s account, but it’s mostly a bigger picture security issue. Gambling sites must prove to the regulator that they’re not being used to launder money for terrorists and criminal gangs.

KYC Consequences

If a bookmaker doesn’t perform the proper KYC checks as instructed, it runs the risk of losing its license to operate. Many regulators are harsh, handing out hefty fines for the simplest of KYC failures. As a result, betting sites have no choice but to pass this heavy-handed attitude on to the customer.

It’s no bad thing, really, as they’re just making sure that security is nice and tight. There’s far less chance of encountering identity or credit card fraud at such a site, for example. Even if someone were to compromise your betting account, the chances of them stealing anything are virtually non-existent. 

The trade-off, though, is that registration, deposit and withdrawal processes tend to take much longer. And that’s why there’s a rising demand for online betting without SSN.

Are Offshore Betting Sites Without SSN Legal?

If a sportsbook is licensed in the United States, you’ll always be asked to verify your identity with ID documents like your SSN. Gambling websites and betting apps that don’t ask for SSN are, therefore, always based outside of the country. 

These no SSN betting sites are operating within a legal gray area. If they’re not licensed in a US jurisdiction, they shouldn’t really be accepting customers who live there. But at the same time, they’re not actually located in that state, so they’re not governed by its laws. 

There’s nothing to stop a website based in Panama, for example, accepting a US resident if they choose to do so. And the authorities in the United States can’t really do anything about a business operating in a different country. 

Playing at No SSN Betting Sites

So, what happens if someone in the USA places bets at an offshore site? Are they breaking the law? Legislation in most states concerns the operator, rather than the player. It may be illegal to run an unlicensed gambling enterprise, but there’s not usually anything written into law that would punish someone for placing a bet there.

We’ve certainly never heard of a single case brought against a US resident due to gambling offshore. Whether that’s to do with poker, casinos or sports betting that doesn’t require SSN. Thousands of people do it every day.

Why Use Betting Apps That Don’t Require SSN?

In this section of our guide, we’ll talk about the advantages of no SSN betting sites. However, in the interest of transparency, we’ll also discuss some of the potential downsides of using such sportsbooks. 



✔️ Simple registration process. With fewer personal details required, the signup form is smaller. You don’t need to upload images of ID documents or take selfies.

❌ Less secure. Giving more information to a betting site ensures that fraud is harder to commit. Should someone access your account, they can’t easily make payments.

✔️ Faster withdrawal times. No SSN betting sites have fewer, if any, verification steps in place. This means they can process payouts much faster. 

❌ Social responsibility. If you allow betting without SSN, you make it easier for underage players or self-excluded problem gamblers to slip through the net.

✔️ Cryptocurrency options. Betting apps without SSN are regulated by less strict authorities. They usually permit cryptocurrency payments, enabling same-day withdrawals via bitcoin.

❌ Regulated offshore. If it turns out that your chosen site isn’t properly regulated after all, you’ll have nobody to turn to for assistance. Offshore sportsbooks aren’t legal in the United States.

✔️ Better bonuses. Because no SSN betting sites are regulated by overseas authorities, the licensing requirements are different. Most offshore authorities allow sportsbooks to market more freely, with bigger and more rewarding promotions.



✔️ Enhanced privacy. There’s no chance of a no SSN sportsbook going rogue and selling sensitive details to third-party. Similarly, in the event of a data breach, there’s less information to obtain.



Staying Safe When Sports Betting Without SSN

As we’ve already explained, there are some obvious benefits of playing at no SSN betting sites, but there are also a few risks. To mitigate these, and ensure that you never encounter a problem, it’s vital that you put the following advice into practice. 

Only Use Reputable Sportsbooks

First of all, you simply must place your bets with a regulated sportsbook. Yes, it’s true that no SSN betting sites are licensed outside of the US. But you can still use a site which has a license from a top international authority, such as the UK Gambling Commission, Malta or Curaçao.

This ensures that there’s always an independent party to intervene in the event of a dispute. It also means the sportsbook is likely to be following best practices around responsible gambling and financial transactions.

Of course, you can always just stick with our recommended betting sites, as we’ve already vetted each to ensure they’re regulated.

Look For On-Site Security

As well as making sure the bookmaker is properly regulated, you’ll also want to dig into the security features. It’s always nice to see technology like two-factor authentication, for example, which makes it harder for anyone to access your account.

Encryption is another important element of an online gambling site’s security. Look out for SSL, which scrambles the data transferred during deposits and withdrawals. In the unlikely event of a hacker managing to intercept the transaction, the only information they’d see would be meaningless gibberish.

Check the Payment Methods

The available payment options play another big role in staying safe when gambling online. Reputable payment processors like Visa and Mastercard have decades worth of experience, not to mention some of the most high-tech security systems in place. However, there are other methods that offer even more security.

Prepaid cards and vouchers, for instance, are particularly handy. These have to be pre-loaded before a deposit and, once the money is spent, the balance is empty. Should anyone manage to compromise your account and get hold of the payment methods registered within, it would be useless. 

In addition, cryptocurrency doesn’t leave a paper trail. So if you don’t want anyone to know about your gambling, there wouldn’t be a record on a bank statement, for example. 

Never Share Your Details

Finally, and this applies to any gambling website, not just no SSN sportsbooks – never give your account details to anyone. For a start, sharing your account is almost always against the terms and conditions, meaning your registration could be terminated. But even if you weren’t caught, it’s risky.

It doesn’t matter how much you trust the person to use your account, something could go wrong. Perhaps they will write the login and password details down, and someone else steals them. Or maybe temptation will simply get the better of them. 

Just don’t do anything that would put your account in danger. It’s not worth the risk.

Top Bonuses at No KYC Verification Betting Sites

Elsewhere in this guide to no SSN betting sites, we looked at some of their benefits. One of these is a less strict attitude from regulators toward marketing. As such, these offshore no verification betting sites are free to offer all kinds of creative and beautiful bonuses. 

Let’s now discuss some of the best examples to look out for.

Deposit Match

Pretty much all no SSN betting sites offer this type of promotion. They’re usually found as part of a welcome bonus, but can also be used to reward regular punters. 

The idea is very simple: you make a real money deposit and the sportsbook issues a bonus based on that figure. Let’s use BetOnline as an example. The sportsbook signup incentive is currently 50% up to a maximum of $1,000.

What does that mean? Well, if your first deposit was $100, you’d receive 50% of that, i.e. $50, as your welcome bonus. A deposit of $2,000 would therefore qualify you for the maximum reward of $1,000.

No Sweat Bet

These are sometimes misleadingly called “risk-free” bets. Either way, a no sweat bet requires you to place a real wager, but if it loses, you have insurance. This is usually a “refund” in the form of a free bet.

For example, imagine a no sweat bet offer worth up to $500. If your first real money bet of $100 loses, you’ll receive a credit for a $100 free bet. Of course, should that bet win, you’ll receive your returns as normal. 

Bet and Get

Another bonus that’s commonly used as part of a signup incentive, but that can also be given to regulars, is the “bet and get”. Exactly as the name suggests, you must first place some kind of qualifying bet, before you obtain your reward.

When a bet and get forms part of a signup bonus, the potential reward can be lucrative; possibly even a four-figure sum. However, many no SSN betting sites run smaller promotions to reward loyal punters. You might, for example, receive a $10 free bet every time you place a $25 real money bet on selected games.

Early Payouts

This feature was pioneered in Europe, but has finally made it to the United States. It’s another bonus where the clue is in the name. In certain circumstances, you’ll be able to receive your winnings before the event has even finished. But we’re not talking about the cash out feature, where you can take a reduced profit. Here, you’ll be paid in full.

For example, if your soccer team takes a two goal lead during the game, the bet will automatically settle as a winner. Similar promotions exist on NHL games, with teams taking a three goal lead, or NBA, if a team goes 20 points ahead. 

It doesn’t matter if the team eventually goes on to lose. The winnings are yours to keep, as long as your pick meets the minimum requirement. You can then withdraw right away, or even place more bets on that game, without the need to wait around.

Odds Boost

A common promotion at most online sportsbooks these days, odds boosts come in a few different flavors. First of all, some betting sites simply pick out a handful of props or games and increase the odds. It could be temporary, like a “happy hour”, or not. Either way, you get a little more value than normal.

Some bookmakers give you odds boost tokens, allowing you to pick and choose specific selections for enhanced prices. Others take the profit boost route, increasing the total returns by a set percentage, rather than increasing the initial odds. The effect is largely the same. 

Parlay Insurance

All good no SSN betting sites accept parlays, as they’re one of the most popular bet types in the country. But, as we all know to our cost, it’s really difficult to land a parlay. Every extra selection greatly increases the potential payout, but it also magnifies the risk.

If you’ve ever missed out on a big parlay payday because one pick let you down, you’ll understand how devastating that feeling is. Many sportsbooks certainly get it, as they offer insurance against that exact eventuality. Miss out by one and you’ll get your stake back as a free bet, helping to limit the emotional damage. 

Cryptocurrency Deposit Bonus

You won’t find this type of offer at US-regulated sites, as they’re not allowed to accept payments via cryptocurrency. However, no SSN betting sites have no such restrictions, and freely accept deposits and withdrawals using bitcoin, tether, ethereum and more.

In fact, these bookies don’t just tolerate crypto payments; they actively encourage them. Most of our recommended sites provide enhanced bonuses for crypto users. 

Take Bovada, for example, whose standard sportsbook welcome offer is worth $250. However, fund your account for the first time with a cryptocurrency, and it jumps to $750.

VIP Bonus

Good sportsbooks understand the value of high-rolling punters. That’s why there are always special perks for those with deeper pockets. That might be a structured VIP loyalty program, where the more you bet, the more points you accrue. These can be redeemed for gifts, as well as earning you additional perks.

However, some sites also provide bigger bonuses for those who can afford to deposit more. These are usually deposit match promotions, just with a much higher percentage for transactions greater than a specified value. 

Common Payment Methods at No SSN Betting Sites

Another key advantage of betting sites that don’t ask for detailed verification checks is faster withdrawals. Here are some of the most common payment methods you’ll encounter.


The most commonly-used payment method at this type of sportsbook is cryptocurrency. Bitcoin remains the number one choice, though more and more punters are choosing to use the likes of ethereum, solana, cardano, tether and even dogecoin.

Your deposit speed depends entirely on the blockchain of your chosen cryptocurrency, but it’s rarely any slower than a traditional banking method. Withdrawals, though, are always far quicker. The very best no SSN sportsbooks will pay you on the same day, and sometimes within an hour.


Names like Neteller, PayPal and Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) have been around the world of online gambling since the beginning. These online wallets have bags of experience when it comes to processing sportsbook payments, and they’re highly reputable. They’re also perfect for storing your betting bankroll away from your day to day funds. 

It can sometimes take a few days for a withdrawal from your ewallet to hit your bank account. However, payments between online bookmakers and the ewallet are usually instant.

Debit and Credit Cards

One of the biggest advantages of no SSN betting sites is undoubtedly the ability to use less traditional payment methods. But not everyone understands cryptocurrency, or wants to move away from the comfort of depositing via a more familiar option.

That’s why the best sites still include debit and credit card payment processors, to facilitate as many bettors as possible. However, it’s usually the case that you can only deposit in this way. If you wish to withdraw using the likes of Mastercard, Visa or American Express, you will have to go through the identity verification process.

How To Bet With a No Verification Sportsbook

As our guide to no SSN betting sites draws nearer to its conclusion, it’s time to explain how to bet with these sportsbooks. Here’s a brief guide to the process, to get you started.

Choose a Sportsbook

The first step is, of course, to choose a betting site. We’ve provided plenty of reviews here on this page to assist. But if you can’t decide, just stick to BetOnline for now. It’s a trusted brand with more markets and better odds than the vast majority.

Register an Account

Hit the button marked “Join”, though other sportsbooks may display something like “Register” or similar. A simple registration form will appear and, after adding just a few basic details, you’ll be registered in less than two minutes. Best of all, there’s no requirement to provide a Social Security number.

Make a Deposit

Armed with a new account, you’ll need to fund it if you want to place a bet. Press the button marked “Banking” to head to the cashier. Choose your favorite option from the list, but we recommend a cryptocurrency like bitcoin. This is the quickest way to withdraw and adds a layer of anonymity to your deposits.

Place Some Bets

However you chose to fund your account, once the transaction is complete, you’re free to start betting. Browse the odds and tap a selection to add it to your slip. All of our top-ranked no SSN betting sites have extremely user-friendly interfaces, making the process a breeze.

Try the Best Betting Sites That Don’t Require SSN Now

It’s much easier to find safe and trustworthy no SSN betting sites than you might think.

Although there’s a good reason why sportsbooks ask for this type of information, it annoys a lot of people. And wherever there’s demand – in this case, for an easier process, free of identity checks – someone will inevitably supply a solution.

Now that you know what betting apps don’t require SSN, there’s only one thing left to do. It’s time to pick one, register and secure your welcome bonus.


No SSN Sports Betting – FAQs

Why do betting apps need your SSN?

It’s a security measure that’s required by regulators. The more information you provide to the bookmaker, the better they know who you are. Sites can then prove to the authorities that they are legitimate businesses, and not simply a front for criminals laundering money. 

Do all betting apps require SSN?

No. There are many betting apps that don’t require SSN, such as those featured on this page. These sportsbooks are regulated by different authorities to those found in the USA. Some overseas regulators are less strict and don’t need players to show an SSN.

Do any sportsbook websites in the US have no ID verification?

No. Every US regulatory authority requires its license holders to have players verify their identity. This involves providing your Social Security number. However, you can always find no SSN betting sites based overseas, like the sportsbooks highlighted in this guide.

What betting app doesn’t require SSN in the USA?

All apps regulated by gambling authorities in the USA require you to supply a Social Security number. The only available no SSN betting sites and apps are found in other countries. However, many of these accept US-based bettors. You’ll find a list of the best examples elsewhere on this page.

Are no KYC betting sites safe?

Almost always, yes. There’s a slim chance of encountering a rogue operator, which is why we recommend you stick to our trusted brands. However, most no SSN betting sites are regulated by respected international authorities and governments. That overwhelming majority are totally safe. 

Is it legal to bet at sportsbooks that don’t verify your identity? 

Sports betting apps that don’t require SSN can’t have a license to operate in the US. They are exploiting a gray area and, technically, they’re not legal. However, strictly speaking, they’re not illegal either, and many Americans use their services every day without a problem.

What are the benefits of no KYC sports betting sites and apps?

The main advantage of no SSN betting sites and apps is speed. With fewer hoops to jump through, it’s not only easier to register, but you can place bets immediately and withdrawals are far quicker. Additionally, if the site was ever hacked, you would lose much less private data.

How do I create a sports betting account without ID in the USA?

There is no way to open a legit sports betting account in the United States without providing ID. Your best option is to look offshore, where there are countless safe and secure bookies to choose from. We’ve picked out the very best no SSN betting sites here in this guide.


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