Best NFL Stadiums To Visit In The USA For Football Fans

Best NFL Stadiums To Visit In The USA For Football Fans

The field dimensions are all the same, but that doesn’t mean that all NFL stadiums are built the same, nor do they offer the same electrifying game day experience for fans. 


From the atmosphere to the amenities, each NFL stadium provides fans with a different experience. Starting with the architecture, the seating sightlines, and whether it is an open/closed-air venue all play into the equation of ranking the best NFL stadium. You can read more here about all the NFL news and updates.


The gameday experience doesn’t stop there as the fun chaos of the concourse, the aroma of the tailgate BBQ and the concession, the interactive games, the jumbotron, and the sound system are all part of the package. 


But what makes the environment truly magical is the human element. From the sea of fans clad in team colors to the face paint to the constant cheering, it is the fans who are attending their first game and the longtime season ticket holders who bond together through their love for the team and the game that make the stadium truly special. 


Green Bay Packers – Lambeau Field


One of the most historic stadiums in the NFL, the “Frozen Tundra” is a must-see for football fans. The second largest stadium in the league, welcoming 81,144 “Packer Backers”, the day starts with a legendary tailgate party and doesn’t stop until the game clock hits zero. 


Although the Wisconsin winters can be brutally cold, adding a unique home-field benefit, fans welcome the weather, building on their reputation as the most dedicated in the NFL. While other stadiums offer more luxurious amenities and state-of-the-art technology, Lambeau Field provides fans with an old-school, no-frills stadium experience that focuses more on the action on the field. 


Minnesota Vikings – U.S. Bank Stadium


Open in 2016, the Vikings’ home turf provides fans with a unique blend of indoor comfort with outdoor excitement. Equipped with a translucent ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) roof that allows natural light in, but keeps the rain, snow, and cold temperatures out, the stadium offers fans the best of both environments. 


With a capacity for 66,000 fans, U.S. Bank Stadium welcomes a passionate Vikings fanbase to engage in multiple interactive fan zones, before, during, and after the game. For those looking for game-time snacks, there are plenty of options for everything from classic stadium grub to gourmet dining. 


Kansas City Chiefs – Arrowhead Stadium

Known as “The Loud House”, Arrowhead Stadium is the setting for the loudest crowds in the NFL. An open-air stadium that seats 76,416 dedicated fans, Arrowhead’s unique design amplifies the roars of the crowd to the point in which it set a Guinness World Record in 2014 reaching a decibel level of 142.2. 


Opened in 1972, and last renovated in 2010, Arrowhead has all of the usual football festivities and concessions but also provides a unique pregame drum ceremony located on the upper deck of the stadium, welcoming celebrities, members of the community, and former players to help rally the hometown crowd. 

Los Angeles Chargers / Rams – SoFi Stadium

In 2020, at a cost of over $5 billion, SoFi Stadium became one of the NFL’s two newest stadiums (Las Vegas’s Allegiant Field) and has quickly climbed the ladder on the must-see NFL stadium chart. Equipped with a translucent roof, SoFi allows 70,240 fans to enjoy the California weather in the comfort of a controlled environment. 


Featuring a double-sided, massive, 120-yard long, 4K Infinity Screen, fans can enjoy replays, game stats, and other forms of digital entertainment from any seat in the house. If the Infinity Screen isn’t big enough, SoFi’s translucent roof doubles as a giant LED display for those who may want to watch the game from outer space (just kidding).

Seattle Seahawks – Lumen Field

Home to the “12th Man”, or in the case of about 68,000 Seahawks fans, Seattle’s Lumen Field, formerly known as CenturyLink Field opened in 2002. Uniquely designed with a roof that covers 70 percent of the seating, fans can enjoy the game in everything from the sunny Seattle weather to the well-known Northwest rain. Despite having a roof over the seating area, fans can still enjoy the feel of an open-air stadium complete with stunning views of downtown Seattle. 


Before Arrowhead Stadium claimed the Guinness World Record, Seattle fans set the benchmark, giving the Seahawks a home-field advantage against opposing teams who get penalized for false starts and time violations. 


Baltimore Ravens – M&T Bank Stadium

While watching quarterback Lamar Jackson is an attraction on its own, there are plenty of other reasons why M&T Bank Stadium is on the must-visit list of NFL stadiums. Equipped with their own “Seven Nation Army” chant, the 70,745 fans that make up the Ravens Flock help create a powerful and energetic atmosphere. 


Originally called Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards when it opened in 1998, the Ravens’ home field features natural grass, a favorite of both players and fans. But the game day experience starts long before you hit your seats as the Ravenswalk, which is over six city blocks long features fun and engaging fan experiences. Already one of the best stadiums in the league, M&T Bank Stadium is undergoing a three-year stadium upgrade. 

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