American historian who rightly called 9 out 10 Presidential elections backs Joe Biden against Donald Trump

American historian who rightly called 9 out 10 Presidential elections backs Joe Biden against Donald Trump

US President Joe Biden has received much needed backing from an eminent American presidential historian who managed to accurately foretell outcome of nine of the past 10 American Presidential elections, as per a New York Post report.

American University history professor Allan Lichtman has also advised Democratic Party leadership not to think about dropping Biden out of the Presidential election race. Lichtman also allayed fears over 81-year-old Biden’s psychological fitness.

While talking to CNN News Central, Lichtman cited Hillary Clinton’s example as many pundits in 2016 claimed that Democratic nominee won three out of three debates and Trump’s chances were thought to be diminishing. However, results of Presidential election showed that America didn’t get its first women President and Trump mania roared on the ballot.

Lichtman has so far predicted nine out of ten elections accurately since 1984 by following 13 factors which he claimed are keys to win the race to White House.

These 13 pivotal factors are 1. Incumbency, 2. Party mandate, 3. Contest, 4. Third-party, 5. Long-term economy, 6. Short-term economy, 7. Policy change, 8. Social unrest, 9. Scandal, 10. Incumbent charisma, 11. Challenger charisma, 12 & 13. foreign and military success.

President Joe Biden’s train-wreck debate with Republican opponent Donald Trump followed a series of decisions by his most senior advisers that critics now point to as wrong-headed, interviews with Democratic allies, donors and former and current aides show. 78-year-old Trump repeated a series of well-worn, glaring falsehoods during the 90-minute debate on Thursday, including claims that he actually won the 2020 election. Biden failed to refute them and his fumbling, halting performance has sparked calls from Democrats for him to end his quest for a second term and for “soul-searching” or resignations among top aides, as per a report on Reuters.


Q1. What is the age Joe Biden?
A1. Joe Biden is 81-year-old.

Q2. What is the age of Donald Trump?
A2. Donald Trump is 78-year-old.

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