Achieving Your Fitness Goals? Here Are the Top 7 Fitness Coaches from Pune You Should Follow in

Achieving Your Fitness Goals? Here Are the Top 7 Fitness Coaches from Pune You Should Follow in

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], May 15: Pune, known for its vibrant fitness culture, is a haven for those eager to uplift their fitness journey. Whether you’re a beginner venturing into the realm of wellness or a seasoned gym enthusiast aiming for greater heights, the proper guidance can be transformative. In 2024, Pune proudly showcases a cadre of exceptional fitness firms and coaches committed to igniting inspiration and motivation in individuals pursuing their wellness aspirations. Among these esteemed establishments are FITholic, BFA Academy, and Runiq Wellness, exemplifying the diverse range of options available to fitness enthusiasts in the city. Here’s a rundown of the seven trailblazing fitness coaches you need to follow:

Dr. Paras – Life Leadership Coach & Mindfulness Practitioner

Dr. Paras, a Life Leadership Coach and Founder of Matrrix champions a holistic approach to fitness and wellness. His journey of shedding 18 kilograms ignited his passion for empowering others to achieve transformative change. With over 20 years of experience and multiple degrees in management, including a PhD, Dr. Paras blends fitness coaching with mindfulness practices to address the interconnectedness of physical and mental well-being. 

Recognized with accolades such as the Young Leader Award from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in 2018, Dr. Paras serves a diverse clientele, including professionals aged 24 to 50, spanning Mumbai’s entrepreneurial landscape to Chennai’s corridors of power. 

While based in Pune, India, he offers premium coaching globally through virtual platforms. Dr. Paras’s coaching philosophy centers on building strengths, fostering relationships with self and others, and nurturing strategic thinking. Through his guidance, individuals are empowered to design lives aligned with their aspirations.

Amol Manohar Kyatam- Founder & Director of BFA Academy

Amol Manohar Kyatam, renowned as the Founder & Director of BFA Academy, the Founder Director of Amy’s Fitness Academy, and the owner of Amy Fitness, embarked on his fitness journey driven by a familial history of obesity and an innate passion for fitness, marking his entry into the industry back in 1998. 

Over the years, Amol has meticulously pursued diverse educational avenues in fitness, acquiring certifications including CPT, sports nutrition, special population training, master trainer courses, kettlebell levels 1 to 3, and CSCS from NSCA, supplemented by a plethora of workshops focused on functional training. At Bodywizard, the academy he spearheads, He is dedicated to providing aspiring fitness enthusiasts with comprehensive education and unparalleled job assistance, with a steadfast commitment to ensuring trainers earn a minimum of 1 lakh per month. With operational branches in PMC and PCMC, and plans for expansion into Hyderabad and Delhi underway, his vision extends to empowering individuals across various demographics, from students to fitness enthusiasts, seeking to carve successful careers in fitness and wellness. 

Moreover, as a personal trainer, Amol’s clientele boasts a roster of esteemed figures, including celebrities, royal families, and discerning businessmen, attesting to his expertise and dedication to delivering top-tier fitness training services.

Atul Singh – Fitness Coach

Atul Singh is a renowned individual with a wealth of expertise dedicated to holistic well-being. As a holistic fitness coach, nutritionist, counselor, and physiotherapist, he has committed his life to aiding individuals of all ages and backgrounds in achieving optimal health and happiness. 

Atul holds a master’s degree in Physical Education from Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune, along with certifications from esteemed international institutions such as the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) in the USA, K11 School of Fitness Sciences in Pune, GGFI Pune, and a Kickboxing Level 1 Certification in Mumbai. Over fifteen years in the fitness industry have honed his nutrition, counseling, and physiotherapy skills, allowing him to address various conditions with precision. 

Atul’s profound understanding of metabolism, diabetes, hypertension, PCOD, PCOS, and thyroid disorders enables him to empower individuals to take charge of their health through personalized exercise and dietary plans. His dedication to fostering physical, mental, and emotional wellness, coupled with his adept counseling skills, guides individuals toward resilience and fulfillment. Atul Singh’s unwavering commitment to his clients makes him a beacon of hope and transformation in the realm of holistic wellness.

Suraj Kamble- Fitness Coach

Suraj Kamble embarked on his journey into the fitness industry several years ago with a passion for health and wellness. Through dedication and hard work, he has established himself as a leading figure, committed to transforming lives through fitness. Suraj graduated from Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce (BMCC) with a Bachelor of Arts degree, specializing in fitness training and the fitness industry. 

He brings over 4.5 years of hands-on experience in providing comprehensive fitness solutions. His main focus lies in offering personalized fitness programs tailored to individual needs, encompassing strength and conditioning, bodybuilding, diet consultancy, fat loss strategies, muscle gain techniques, and specialized training for different populations. Suraj’s services cater to individuals seeking to improve their health and wellness, ranging from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts. 

He specializes in catering to special populations, ensuring inclusivity in fitness training. Suraj provides his fitness services in the Balewadi, Aundh, Baner, Pashan, and Wakad areas, with the flexibility to conduct sessions at home, society gyms, or traditional fitness centers. For inquiries or appointments, more information about his services and expertise can be found on his Google profile – Suraj Kamble – Fitness Coach

Nikhil Sakharam Marathe- Founder and Head Coach at RuniQ Wellness

Nikhil is a fitness luminary with over 15 years of experience and is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). From humble beginnings as a general fitness trainer, Nikhil has ascended to the helm of RuniQ Wellness, a premier personal training studio that’s rewriting the rules of fitness.

At Runiq Wellness, every aspect is finely tuned to prioritize individualized attention and holistic transformation. Clients are welcomed into an intimate sanctuary where personalized workouts are crafted to match their unique goals, abilities, and limitations.

Distinguished by its specialized equipment, including cutting-edge tools like functional training equipment and suspension trainers, Runiq offers a fitness experience beyond the ordinary gym. Here, in a private setting free from distractions, clients receive unparalleled support and motivation from dedicated trainers.

With a focus on accountability and flexibility, RuniQ ensures that clients stay committed to their fitness journey, no matter how hectic life gets. Under his guidance, Runiq Wellness isn’t just a studio—it’s a haven where fitness dreams come to life, one personalized session at a time.

Rutuja Joshi-Marathe- Chief Dietician at RuniQ Wellness

Rutuja Joshi Marathe is a dedicated nutritionist who deeply desires to enhance individuals’ well-being. Armed with a degree in Nutrition from S.N.D.T Women’s University, Pune, Rutuja has honed her expertise through diverse roles. Rutuja serves as the Chief Dietician at RuniQ Wellness, leading nutrition programs and initiatives to promote wellness among clients. She has played a pivotal role as a Sports Nutritionist, guiding clients toward optimal health and performance. With stints in various fitness clubs, Rutuja has amassed rich experience in therapeutic and sports nutrition. 

Specializing in personalized nutrition and diet planning, She caters to clients of all ages and backgrounds. Whether it’s athletes seeking performance enhancement, individuals aiming for weight management, or those with specific dietary requirements, Rutuja crafts tailored solutions. Based in Pune, Maharashtra, she extends her services to the city and its surrounding areas. Rutuja’s commitment transcends her profession as she actively contributes to her local community’s health and wellness through education and counselling initiatives.

Mandar Gadre: Founder- FITholic Personal Fitness Studio | Certified Metabolic Health Consultant

Driven to revolutionize preventive healthcare, Mandar Gadre embarked on a journey into fitness after witnessing the burden of chronic diseases in healthcare and the lack of preventive approaches. With a background in science, holding a Ph.D. in Nanotechnology from the USA, Mandar pursued certification as a Metabolic Health Consultant from dLife, India’s foremost platform for Chronic Disease Remission. Complemented by his team of K11-Certified Coaches, FITholic offers a unique blend of physical fitness and metabolic health services, tailored to each member. With a focus on science-backed methodologies and individualized attention, FITholic addresses a range of chronic diseases, from diabetes to hypertension, with no fads or trends.

His dedication to promoting long-term lifestyle changes over quick fixes is reflected in FITholic’s approach, emphasizing education and sustainable habits. Located in Happy Colony, Kothrud, Pune, FITholic caters to working professionals aged 25 to 65, offering a proven, no-nonsense approach to achieving holistic health and fitness goals. With a stellar 4.9/5-star rating on Google Reviews, FITholic’s effusive praise from members underscores its commitment to excellence and results.

Embarking on a fitness journey is not merely about physical transformation but also about finding the right guidance and support to achieve your goals. In Pune, a city pulsating with energy and enthusiasm for fitness, these top 7 coaches represent a diverse array of expertise and approaches to help you on your path to wellness- with inputs from PH Media.

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