“Absolutely No Way”: NFL World Furious After Aaron Rodgers Retirement ‘Leaked’ By Former NFL Player

“Absolutely No Way”: NFL World Furious After Aaron Rodgers Retirement ‘Leaked’ By Former NFL Player

Aaron Rodgers is not one to spew random thoughts. The four-time NFL MVP winner is known to be been intentional with every word he has uttered, especially while addressing his career. Now the QB has been keeping fans waiting for his big decision. Just because the 39-year-old is coy on the matter of his future, it doesn’t mean that the rest of the NFL world follows in his footsteps. Over the last few weeks, speculation has ceaselessly abounded. Thoughts, opinions, and predictions have made their way from different sources.

As the time for the QB to make his announcement draws near, one ‘leaked’ video regarding Rodgers’ retirement has shaken the NFL world. So, who stole A-Rod’s thunder?

Is Aaron Rodgers retiring?


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Aaron Rodgers has emerged from isolated darkness. If his time of dark contemplative silence has enabled him to come to a decision, he hasn’t made it known yet. But now, a certain individual has already jumped the gun and proclaimed Rodgers’ retirement.

Brandon Marshall took to Instagram to post a reel congratulating Rodgers on his phenomenal career. He tagged the QB in the caption saying, “@aaronrodgers12 RETIRES….CONGRATULATIONS.”

Marshall shared a video expressing his admiration for Rodgers, “So I wanted to be the first to say, ‘Salute to Aaron Rodgers for a phenomenal career.’ You are one of the greatest.” Marshall proceeded to address Rodgers and asked him to be proud of the career he’s had. “Me personally? You’re my favorite quarterback ever. Favorite. Aaron Rodgers, congratulations on a phenomenal career.”

He also took the opportunity to bestow some advice by saying, “It’s okay to walk away, bro. There’s nothing left to prove.”


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While Marshall certainly sounds convinced, it’s hard to picture Rodgers letting him in on his potential decision. So, is the former receiver simply speculating or could there be truth to what he is saying?

Fans get on Marshall’s case because of his statements about Rodgers

Fans couldn’t wrap their heads around the fact that Brandon Marshall was the only NFL entity who seemingly ‘broke the news.’ And to be fair, it’s rather suspicious. How did he get hold of the notion? The NFL world believes that this may be a hoax of some kind.

Some users believe that Marshall was just making his opinion known.


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Rodgers’ future has become one of the biggest topics of discussion this offseason. And if there’s one thing the NFL world can rely on, it’s Aaron Rodgers’ ability to make his stance clear. At present, all fans can do is speculate until the Green Bay Packers QB reveals what he plans on doing.


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If Aaron Rodgers chooses to retire, there’s no doubt he’ll drop the bomb himself. Whether the QB decides to remain at Lambeau or go elsewhere, he won’t keep the NFL world waiting for long.

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