2024 NFL Draft: Steelers have worrying news for QB Russell Wilson

2024 NFL Draft: Steelers have worrying news for QB Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson, who just signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers, has received some worrying news ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Russell Wilson, new quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers
© Dustin Bradford/Getty ImagesRussell Wilson, new quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers

The 2024 NFL Draft is just around the corner, which means that all the teams are ready to select the best prospects. Ahead of this massive event, the Pittsburgh Steelers have shared an update on their plan that may have a huge impact on Russell Wilson.

This offseason, the Steelers decided to acquire a new quarterback. With the Denver Broncos releasing Russell Wilson, it was the perfect opportunity for Pittsburgh to get a top-caliber player to lead the offense.

Nevertheless, Wilson was not the only quarterback the team signed. Justin Fields and Kyle Allen have also joined the Steelers, and it seems like the club could get one more in the upcoming draft.

Steelers don’t close the door to drafting a quarterback

The Steelers overhauled their entire quarterbacks room this year. With Kenny Pickett and Mitchell Trubisky out of the team, they needed to sign replacements, bringing in three new players for the position this offseason.

With the arrival of Rusell Wilson, Justin Fields, and Kyle Allen, many fans think that the Steelers won’t select a quarterback in the upcoming draft. However, it seems like they don’t close the door to this possibility.

Omar Khan, the Steelers’ general manager, addressed questions about the possibility of selecting a quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft. While he stated they wouldn’t use their first-round pick on one, he didn’t ruled it out for later rounds.

“I think it’s not realistic that we’ll be taking a quarterback in Round 1, if that’s what you’re asking, no,” Khan told reporters. “There are some good players there and I wouldn’t close the door on anything. If there’s an opportunity to improve that room, obviously, we’ll look at it, but like you said, we’ve got three guys who are on one-year deals and we have to be open to it.”

Khan is aware that the Steelers only have their current quarterbacks for the upcoming season. Of course they could extend their contracts by the end of the campaign, but they want to build a plan for a possible future without them.

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